0x10 Interview

“tree.lf (adhd edition)” by 0x10

Who are you?

I’m anon, which is important to me, but besides that I’m a person who loves (some would say lives) to code, and I’ve spent my entire life dedicated to mastering my craft.

When did you start messing around with computers and art?

Way back in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, although at the time I didn’t realize that what I was doing would ever be considered art.

When did you start making NFTs?

A friend introduced them to me at the end of Feb ‘21, I began working on my first collection, xterm-16color, in march, which took me a month to create. I published that on Opensea at the end of April, joined twitter, and by May I found hic et nunc, minted my henesis and haven’t looked back since

What is your favorite thing about Hic Et Nunc?

To me hic feels like this magical place where art and technology intersect in a way that isn’t all about the money like its predecessors. Gas is low to the point where minting is basically free, and the rush that comes from shopping sprees during events like objkt4objkt is accessible to all – and I mean truly accessible, to anyone, no matter their financial situation.

Because of this accessibility we now have artists from all corners of the world on hic who could never afford to mint even a single piece on most other chains, let alone purchase dozens of pieces for themselves, with the real game changer being the truly cross-marketplace perpetual royalties built in to support the artists indefinitely.

It’s as if this void existed the entire time without anyone realizing it and then hic came out of nowhere and boom, now we have a flood of talent rushing in, and talent recognizes talent so they onboard their friends which brings in even more talent and now there’s so much top tier art coming to hen every day it’s actually getting quite difficult to keep up.

That’s my absolute favorite part about hic right there – finding fresh, undiscovered talent and getting in early while contributing to a system that now supports many artists and their families around the world. Hic et nunc makes this very easy (and fun) to do in an eco friendly way.

“INFINITE CHAOS | ISSUE 3/4” by 0x10

Explain the process of one of your pieces.

I don’t really have a process as such, I’m forever coming up with new ideas and it’s nice to just run with them and see what happens – I try to push the boundaries of tech to the very edge, beyond where I’ve personally ever been before, so when I come up with a concept I’ll ideate on it for a while and research a way to do it with either new, cutting edge technology, or with very old and outdated technology, and then the pieces will just kinda just start falling into place as I go, while trying to learn and weave in as much meta into the piece as possible.

Do you have any creations that stand out to you?

The most technologically advanced creation of mine currently published is a combination of 4 pieces (the Windoze disks) which demonstrate a new type of license management technique I devised. it took me 8 weeks to create, and I even had to submit a pull request for crzy to add functionality to hic et nunc itself so I could get it all working correctly.

The way it works is there’s an nft that generates a serial number for you if you own it (the ‘key’ nft objkt 193506), and you can use that to unlock another nft (the ‘base’ nft objkt 200624). The key only works for the holder of the key, and stops working once they sell the key.

Your experience is then different depending on ownership status of the nfts, so having both of them in your wallet allows access to additional functionality in other utility nfts (objkt 218608 & 219606) I created to demonstrate this technique.

The groundbreaking part here is that it does this verification via the blockchain directly, without the use of third party APIs, so it is immutable and cannot easily be circumvented, and it enables license resales with built in upstream kickbacks as a side effect, something which I don’t think exists yet commercially – I call it the unlockchain.

“KEYGEN.EXE” by 0x10

Would you rather be able to use a computer and not make art or make art and not use a computer?

Oof… the former, but I’d be dead inside.

Where do you see NFTs 1 year in the future?

Besides a rush of brand new collectors I think there will be a lot of the more established collectors realizing it doesn’t actually matter which chain an artist is on, because the future is cross chain, so this is going to lead to wider adoption of eco-friendly chains whose gas prices are low enough for anyone to participate, meaning our collector base is going to grow exponentially.

NFTs are here to flip this whole thing on its head right, and we’re already seeing the first signs of this. I think this is going to lead us to a new golden era for art, and we’re going to see a lot more undiscovered talent who would have never had a chance to get into the game before making it to the big leagues thanks to all these new collectors getting onboarded.

I like to joke that we’re all living through the Henaissance 🙂

Are there any artists we should keep watch for?

I couldn’t choose so I cheated and asked around my own personal echo chamber for henesis numbers and compiled a list of 5 hic et nunc OGs you should be following, ordered by henesis id

36 – Django Bits
111 – Mario Klingemann
142 – Nacdel Picryl
155 – Marlon Hacla
213 – Lama Domangue

Anything else?

A cool piece of trivia, the earliest available objkt on hen as we know it today is #152 – this means the only way to access the objkts that came before that is directly via their individual contracts and ipfs (or via objkt #24880).

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