Blob vs World Interview

“Peekaboo” by Blob vs World

Who are you?

I am the creator of Blob vs World. I am an artist and creator and I have been doing art for almost 2 years now. Illustration/animation is a relatively new passion of mine, a passion that birthed my latest character, Blob.

What does blob like to do?

Blob is a shy and simple, well.. blob; likes to eat (hence the chubbiness), explore and spend time with the other blobs. You may not have met them yet, they’re pretty shy too. Maybe one day…

When did you start making art?

I started 3 years ago and it has been my passion ever since. I began by exploring different mediums such as painting, 3d art and now illustrative art and animations. I find inspiration in nature, food and other artists’ work.

What is the process of creating a piece?

Starts with a feeling, a color scheme and then a story. What is blob doing here? How will he react? And why? One layer at a time the artwork begins to come to life.

“Who’s There?” by Blob vs World

What got you on hic et nunc?

I am not new to Hic et nunc, but I wanted the freedom of doing art as an anonymous artist. No one knows who I am, and I am free to do what I will. To be honest, I haven’t enjoyed NFTs until Blob came along, despite doing well on my other account.

What do you have planned for the future?

The Blob family is growing and with that comes more odd places to explore and new personalities to meet.

“In the Jungle” by Blob vs World

Are there any artists or people you want to shout out?

I’ve come across incredible artists along the way. @indradhitya06, @Melda_VNH and @MonezNft to name a few.

Anything else?

Thanks to all the lovely artists and collectors who make the process of making art that much more enjoyable!

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