Bunny Knights Interview

BunnyKnights.com by BunnyKnights

Who are you?

I’m Bruno, a digital illustrator and web developer from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

What inspired you to start this project?

Inspired by great RPG games like Final Fantasy, the project popped into my mind years ago as a mobile game idea, where creatures (not bunnies at that time) fought against each other in a fictional universe. But it was only when I discovered what blockchain and NFTs could do for us (devs) and that was when I decided to bring the idea to light. By coincidence, a friend of mine convinced me (thanks @hiteko_) to check Tezos Network and Hic et Nunc, so at this point, all the magic just started. Today Bunny Knights is a work in progress project with two developers.

Your project has some of the highest secondary sales across all artists. Did you plan on success so quickly?

Certainly not! I really thought the secondary sales would take a while to happen and with really low values. This surprised me a lot (and still amazes me).

What is your process for creating a bunny?

Each bunny must communicate with all the others (visually speaking) very well, so I’ve some basic guidelines to follow every time to guarantee the quality and the original style. To speed up all this process, I’ve templates for each class and predefined color palettes to turn my life easier, ha!

“Bunny Knights #368” by Bunny Knights

What do you have in store for the BunnyKnights game?

The game is under development, but what we can say for now is: the game will be focused on 1×1 PVP battles. All the levels, stats, and any upgrades you use today on your bunny will affect the game in the future.

What do you say to those thinking your project is a clone of cryptopunks?

It’s really fun to read these comparisons (and an honor for sure since the punks are great), but I believe Bunny Knights is a different kind of pixel art project. For sure you can use your bunny as a profile picture (and whatever you wish), but I believe the main idea stays in carrying a living creature inside your wallet. Your bunny has levels, attributes, voice, personality, and you may battle with him when the game is ready. It’s bigger than an image.

Your game seems to have a high prices entry point. Will there be a way for your average NFT collector to play your game?

We are working to make Bunny Knights more affordable and inclusive after the 500 bunnies, but you still will need at least one bunny to play the game when released.

What advice would you give to somebody trying to get a BunnyKnight off the primary market or for a cheap price?

If you really want to pay cheap in a bunny now, my advice is try your luck in our raffles, giveaways and random challenges every week. Currently that’s the only way to win a chance to buy the first 500 in their mint price (10 Tezos).

“Bunny Knights #223” by Bunny Knights

What does your team have in store for the future?

We are building something to stay on Tezos for a long term and for sure great plans are in the pipeline. This can take a while, we only have months of project and a game takes time to be developed, but I’m confident that this year we will have cool news to announce.

Are there any other collectible projects or artists on hen you want to shout out?

I can’t leave this interview without mention the great projects making history on Tezos: @VesselFLOW, @NFTYpups, @chempathy_nft, @tezzardz, @catezos, @TezosPirates, @__orderandchaos, @TezHens, @tezfrogs, @tacopixies (I’m sure I’m forgetting some people, the list is big and I really love these projects).

Anything Else?

Tough question, but I’ve an advice: If you’re planning an NFT project and have doubts if Tezos and/or Hic et Nunc is the best choice for your idea, I invite you to talk with the community, check the projects, the fees and all our space. Different to the other huge chains like eth, building things here is like living in a welcoming neighborhood with very familiar people around, developing and trading knowledge together. For sure it is one of the most inclusive places for artists and developers that you will find maybe ever.

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