Community Tool:

Have you ever wondered which of your OBJKTS were purchased and by who? This can be an annoying task with default resources lacking. Luckily thanks to the wonderful Hic Et Nunc community there are many tools that are useful for collectors and artists fully created by the people of HEN. is the easy way for you to track which pieces sold and who bought them! Primary market sales or secondary market sales you can track who bought what and how much you gained. You can even check out your friends and favorite artists sales history as well!

This platform was created by Leith Ben Abdessalem using the TZKT api and has been a useful tool for myself and many other artists during our stay on hic et nunc. All you do is visit and then you insert the Tezos address you want to look for. It’s easy and very helpful to keep track of what is selling and when!

Check out the site and try it for yourself!

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