Fawkek Interview

HORSE by Fawkes

“HORSE” by Fawkes

Explain your artistic style.

I have a different style to suit my mood at the moment. Sometimes I want to create something clean and polished and other times I want to tell a story with minimal means. You know, when we were kids, we imagined more than the graphics in the games would let us see. And that’s what I try to convey in my Experiments, to stimulate the imagination and make you feel nostalgic, to go back to those times.

When did you start making art?

The first time I got into digital art was when I was 14, exploring how to make mods for GTA III. That’s when I first started learning Photoshop and 3ds max. I was making all sorts of models and even scene mods all the way to GTA: San Andreas.

Finally and seriously I came to create digital works three years ago, when I studied Blender, Zbrush, Cinema 4d. I came out of rehab where I was taught to cope with my alcohol addiction and I realized that creativity helps me a lot to stay sober and happy.

What inspires your silly (and sometimes a little scary), lo-fi, experimental pieces?

To be honest I am inspired by everything I absorbed as a kid – old horror films, old sci-fi movies, games I played as a kid. Sometimes I mix them with some fragments from my dreams.

“COW” by Fawkes

What is your process for creating a piece?

I just sit down and do it, I have some basic idea, but this is only a framework, when you get into a flow state, you begin to understand what you have to do next and how. It just comes out of my hands somehow, I don’t really bother making it up, except for the technical stuff.

Are there any that stick out to you the most that you have made?

Oh yes, it’s PIGEON, a very strange and atmospheric thing, a bit disturbing. I didn’t like it at first, I didn’t understand what it was about. But I got good feedback on the drop.

“PIGEON” by Fawkes

What made you start minting on Hic Et Nunc?

This is a funny story, once I was told about a site where you can mint work for little gas price. I went in and took a look, I liked everything, especially the design. But I did not understand anything in particular. But it seems that this site fell into my heart such that I dreamed several times that I put my work there. And one day I made up my mind, first cautiously, then boldly, and began to do what was in my heart. And a miracle happened, these Experiments found their fans.

What is the art scene like where you are from?

It’s a big and varied topic, but if we’re just talking about digital art, we have a lot of great artists who are doing world-class things, and I’m in communities with these artists right now and I see how they work on their art, how hard they try, what challenges they face. I can see that digital art is developing very rapidly in our country and I also see a lot of experimentation with a combination of traditional and digital art. Plus we have the Hermitage Museum getting into NFTs, I think that’s a big step.

Who are some artists we should keep a look out for?

I would recommend the following young talents:








Anything else?

Don’t give up! And thank you all!

this interview was translated into English from Russian

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