Gather Art Discord

A Community Inside A Community

Our latest step forward in creating a community environment within the Hic Et Nunc community is a Discord server. We want artists, collectors, and enjoyers to interact and share knowledge in a happy and creative space. We also wanted the Discord to act as a useful information hub and event organization center that is easy to read and follow.

Here are a few features we have ready with more features planned to come!

💢 Contests

GatherArt plans on running art contests with prizes in the form of cryptocurrency or nfts. These include themed art contests and art jams. We aim to bring incentives for creating art as well as bringing a spotlight to new emerging Hic Et Nunc artists.

🎉 Giveaways

GatherArt plans on teaming up with known and unknown artists to hold giveaways and lotteries and we also plan on giving away artwork from our archive. Collecting art should be accessible to all and we want anyone, no matter the financial background a chance to score some amazing artwork.

🍃 Gather Alerts

Our custom alert system, making it easy to follow and find art on HEN. Watch in real time the latest mints, swaps, and purchases to see what is trending in the wonderful world of CleanNFTs.

🍃 Mintage – Learn every time an OBJKT is minted
💱 Swapwatch – Learn every time an OBJKT is swapped
🤑 Freebie – Find OBJKTs for 0.09 $tez or less
🐋 Whalesale – Learn what OBJKTs sell for 100 $tez or more

Join Us

To join the Discord simply press the big green icon. Hope to see you there!

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