hDAOMaxi Interview

“Cat” by hDAOMaxi

Who are you?

My name is Elio D’Arrigo, I’ve had many professions in my short life, but I’ve been making art and design on the side as a little freelance gig ever since I got into art. I actually remember selling some pencil drawings of anime characters for 5 bucks on the schoolgrounds when I was 13.

Why are you an hdao maxi?

The twitter handle hdaomaxi started as a gimmick account initially of me shilling hdao because i put all of my crypto portfolio into it at that time, to be fair, my portfolio didn’t amount to much so if I wanted to make profit i kind of had to go all in on projects. Nowadays, a large majority of my crypto holdings is still in hdao (if you do not count NFTs towards my net worth) and that’s because i fully believe in HeN. Hic et nunc is a bit of an outlier in the crypto space as it really puts the attention on the art and not the market, which in turn resonates with artists more than with crypto related people.

Through HeN a whole kind of ‘underground’ art community was created that feels very tight knit. HeN is about art, artists, and a bigger community, not money, which makes it something that will stand the test of time in my opinion. Holding the governance token to a platform that I truly support only sounds reasonable to me. On top of that, it’s just extremely undervalued right now when comparing to competitors, the token example would be $rari

How you would you describe hic et nunc and it’s governance token hdao to someone who has never heard of it?

HeN is like an underground event group you get to know by sheer coincidence or word of mouth and that once you’re in, it is difficult to leave behind. hDAO is like getting admin status in the group chats and starting to be involved in the organizing side of things once you’re used to regularly joining these events.

What do you see hdao possibly being used for?

Hdao is already being used for governance to a certain extent, for more info on that i recommend looking up what’s going on with the voting portal beta henvote. AFAIK it’s also planned to be possible to buy and sell NFTs with hdao and you can curate artworks with hdao. I know that some other projects have something in store for hdao holders as well and I’m only looking forward to which other ideas the dao will come up with. Dividends of the fees collected have been in a discussion for a long time so I’d be surprised if that didn’t happen either.


Do you make and or collect art or do you just stack hdao?

I love art, I grew up with art around me and I’ve been making art since I was 13. I’ve sold some of my art as NFT and I like to mint things from time to time, but my own NFTs are not something I’ve put a lot of care into managing and advertising, I am mainly a collector. I collect art and stack hdao.

What are some of your favorite NFTs you have seen on hen?

My all time favourite HeN artist has got to be @MAKIO135, I’ve been enchanted by his works since i first saw them in march, especially his wanderings series. Another really interesting series is the girls series by @slightlyfancy ,there is something so pure and wonderful about them, I just can’t resist collecting them all! But there are just so many incredible artists on HeN I could continue with this question all day. The generative art on HeN is definitely a banger.

“Hexgrid 0831153555” by makio135

Where do you see the price of Tezos and hdao by Jan 2022?

Jan 2022 is in what feels like 5 years for crypto and NFTs, it’s always difficult to predict these things… For Tezos, considering its track record and growth in popularity I’ll put it at a conservative 9 to 10 USD, but I hope it will have a bigger breakthrough before Jan… Hdao on the other hand in my opinion is only missing 1 thing to reach at least 20 TEZ by that time, and that’s a listing on any major CEX or even just a listing on coingecko or coinmarketcap.

Anyone you want to shoutout?

I would like to shoutout @SofiyaPrazdnova , we recently raised some funds to afford her a graphic tablet by setting one of her digital artworks for auction, we’re extremely grateful for all the support and I’m looking forward to telling her parents about this. She recently made a twitter account so I’d love for her to start getting a bit of a following and continue making digital art.

Any last words?

Hic et nunc and the tezos community have changed my and many other people’s lives. I never though I would be this happy to be a part of something bigger. Keep being great 🙂

“Tezi-chan || Tezis #5” by hDAOMaxi

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