Hic et Punks Interview

John Karel 004

“Quasimondo 021” by HicetPunks

Who are you?

I am an independent Brazilian artist who loves to have ideas, execute them, exhibit them and observe the reaction they cause in people.

When did you start making art?

Since I was a kid I liked art, I used to draw a lot when I had nothing to do (many times haha)

Why did you join Hic et Nunc?

I joined a little after the platform’s emergence, hDaos were still distributed by purchases/sales, I could follow several artists, stand out, and meet many amazing people in a short period of time

“MaxCapacity 003” by HicetPunks

Did you think you would gain popularity with your project as quick as you did?

I had no idea of the proportion it would take. I had the idea and I did about 4 or 5 artists and showed it to some friends. I thought of not starting the project due to the difficulty of creating a new profile from scratch and administering both but with encouragement from the amazing artists around me I decided to create the project definitely. I am eternally grateful to the people who supported me.

What do you say to those who call your project merely a CryptoPunks clone?

The idea of the project since the beginning was just to follow the punk theme but to be a tribute to the artists and not a real altpunk project, and for this reason I ended up opting for gifs in a smaller pixel scale.

“XCOPY 009” by HicetPunks

Which of your punks do you think look the best so far?

Very difficult to answer this haha each one has a unique creation process, I can’t compare them.

Are there any artists you have planned that you could share with us?

I recently tweeted that I’d like to do a HicetPunk in honor of the Tezzardz project which is in my opinion a milestone for the Tezos network, and as much as it’s a collection on https://objkt.com, most people who follow the project liked the idea! Also I have in mind some collabs, maybe soon the feature of distribution of royalties will facilitate this point.

Is this your only project on HEN?

Lately I only collect in my main portfolio but in the future I have plans for new projects.

“Desultor 007” by HicetPunks

Are there any artists that you would want to shout out?

All artists that I share in my profile have amazing works and deserve to be highlighted, I can’t always reproduce some artist as punk but I make sure to share the work.

Anything else?

I would like to thank immensely to all the collectors and people who follow and enjoy the project, it has been an important factor in my life, providing me with incredible experiences and friendships that I could not even imagine

this interview was translated into English from Portuguese

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