JibasAI Interview

“Original Nightmare” by Jibas AI

Who are you?

My name is Matt, I am a 27 year old Mechanical Engineer based in the Pacific Northwest, USA. I am an AI based artist!

Why machine learning?

A bit of both, it all started with deepfakes. Back in 2019, NVIDIA 1080TI in hand, I stumbled upon a Youtube rabbit hole of how to create deepfake videos. While I only made one or two, I fell in love with the Machine Learning aspect of them. Soon after I discovered RunwayML, and began creating some basic StyleGAN art. I found it absolutely fascinating and addicting watching a computer create art. My love for the technology and the fact that my conventional art skills are average at best keep me experimenting with Machine Learning.

How do you see the partnership between yourself and the machine when making art?

It is like working with a stranger most of the time. Techniques that worked with past pieces perfectly usually don’t seem to work with the ideas that I have in my head. It is a constant learning experience of trying things, failing a lot, and finally having a breakthrough and making something I am happy with.

What is the process for some of your pieces?

Usually it starts with browsing Unsplash for initial images and inspiration. My AI of choice is something called VQGAN+CLIP, the way it works is you supply the AI with “prompts” or what you want it to create. I keep a notebook of descriptors, ideas, and prompts to try when I have time to sit down at my computer. It is then the process of trying over and over with small tweaks between attempts, if the result is close to what I want I make some modifications to the output using Procreate and send it back through the AI for some more iterations. I then use various editing tools and some other Machine Learning programs to create the 3D effects seen on a lot of my pieces!

Do you have any pieces that stand out to you?

My favorite piece so far is “The Philosopher.” It was one of the first pieces I created that wasn’t an abstract landscape.

“The Philosopher” by Jibas AI

When did you start making art?

My mom raised me making crafts and art from a very young age, even if I wasn’t always that good. However, as far as Machine Learning art goes, I have been making it since sometime in 2019, much more the past few months though!

Why NFTs and why Tezos?

I dabbled with NFTs a couple of years ago on OpenSea with very little luck, this time around I discovered HEN and right off the bat I could tell it was something special. It allowed me to create and experiment and test the waters with the low Tezos transaction fees. Most importantly, the community has been so welcoming is the biggest reason I will stay with Tezos for the majority of my work!

What’s your setup for making art?

Usually a combination of my desktop PC and iPad Pro. Desktop to run the machine learning programs and iPad for editing and modification!

“When Magic Stands Still” by Jibas AI

Where do you see the future of AI art headed?

Every day it seems like there is a new great AI project coming out. I don’t think it will be long before you see AI in everyday media. I think the next big step will be more coherent animation and higher resolution images!

Any exciting projects coming up?

Something not AI actually! Currently working on a Tezos based, hand drawn, generative PFP project! Keep an eye out!

What AI artists should we keep a lookout for?

Three of my favorites in no particular order include @thelemuet | @BrokenMindset_ | @nxpanin

Anything else?

Don’t give up! If you have any additional questions feel free to reach out to me @Jibas_AI

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