Landlines Interview

Randomly Generated ArtCardz

Who are you?

This is one of the deepest mysteries of landlines art. Personally, I like staying under the radar, as I want the focus to be on the work that I create.

When did you start making art?

I enjoyed drawing as a child but was never particularly good at it. I like to think that I have improved as an artist since then.

What do you love about lines?

From my perspective, lines are the fundamental building block for my art. In 2d, they define the boundaries of shapes, and in 3d they are used to delineate meshes. It also reminds me of the humble origins of my own artistic journey, drawing lines on paper.

You have a few different collections already on hen. Mind explaining them to us?

Yes. It’s not a perfect system, as I really would prefer to have a single address that accommodates multiple collections, but I am just trying my best to work with what is available.

landlines art: This was my original account, but over time it has turned into a place where I primarily put monochrome art.

landlines art color: I try to put things that are really colorful here, as a lot of my work is in monochrome. Personally, I find color difficult to get right, so there are fewer of these types of works.

landlines art generative: Although almost all of my work is generative, I wanted a separate place for projects that involved generating a bunch of 1/1 artworks from a single algorithm. Creating this collection was primarily motivated by the Noisy Partitions project, which is an artblocks style release with 50 editions.

artcardz: This is where I will be minting cards and 1/1 artworks for the artcardz project.

“Broken Cycles [Ticket]” by Landlinesart

Your latest project is artcardz, what inspired this idea?

I am always looking for ways to bring collectors into the art creation process. The starting point for me was the Noisy Partitions project, which is based on the artblocks approach, where collectors can mint their own artwork where generation is seeded by the collector. The main idea behind artcardz was to explore ways of bringing the collector further into the generative process, and allowing them to have more control over the artwork that is produced.

What do you hope to see with artcardz?

I am excited to see what people will create! There are so many possible combinations of cards (over 100,000), so it will be interesting to see what combinations people gravitate towards.

I’m also curious to see if people will be strategic in choosing what combinations of cards to use, based on the choices of others.

Finally, I want to explore different ways to enhance and expand the #artcardz experience in the future!

Any exclusive secrets you could share here about it?

I don’t have too many secrets to share yet really. However, this is unknown to the public at this point : The triangles shape card will be the rarest shape card.

“reverberations [in motion]” by Landlinesart

What got you into generative art?

To me, generative art is a total paradigm shift. The concept of emergent complexity is really interesting to me, and watching artists create incredibly complex works of art which originate from a few simple rules is completely mesmerizing. Since I have always enjoyed visual art, but never really excelled at it in its traditional forms, an artistic practice where coding and creativity are the main tools is incredibly appealing. There are just so many possibilities.

Out of all your creations are there any that stick out more than the rest?

This is a tough one. Canopy [in motion] feels like it was a turning point for me. It was the first time I felt I was able to create something surprisingly complex and dynamic from a relatively simple building block. I had imagined this form inspired by a circus tent. When I put a bunch of these forms together, and manipulated some of their parameters, I was really surprised by how the whole thing came together.

“canopy [in motion]” by Landlinesart

What advice would you give to an artist going through a creative block?

I must admit that I may have not have faced many significant creative blocks yet. I usually feel like I have way too many ideas and too little time. However, when I am looking for new ideas, what I do is analyze my current process, and look for places I can make different decisions instead. Also I try to continually create new things. If an idea isn’t working I simply move on to another idea, as I can (and often do) come back to an idea later.

Any artists or collectors you want to shoutout?

In terms of artists, I have been inspired by so many different artists, but I’ll try to name a few

  1. @tylerxhobbs
  2. @mattdesl
  3. @MAKIO135

I appreciate each and every collector, but at the risk of missing someone, I will mention a few that have been particularly prolific

  1. @GarretteDVF
  2. @mdda_gallery
  3. @CryptopolitanG
  4. @KRP_DM

Anything else?

Thanks to everyone who has collected or in some way engaged with my various artistic experiments. I deeply appreciate all forms of engagement with my work, including all the fun interactions on social media!

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