The origin tweet of #OBJKT4OBJKT3

The #OBJKT4OBJKT event has happened two times in the history of Hic Et Nunc and now it is coming back to finish the trilogy. All three times, these events were not started by the site, but the community. The Twitter engagement and love shared between the artists and creators of H=N is very evident from just even a few minutes of browsing. Constantly, they are coming up with fun events and challenges to benefit the site and those who use it. Max Capacity had the great idea of starting up this event again for the third time which would later be unofficially declared #OBJKT4OBJKT3 .

The concept is that artists are encouraged to mint a high edition piece of work and sell it for free (or nearly free). Thanks to the minuscule fees on Tezos, this allows collectors to collect massive amounts of art for a fraction of the cost of competitor platforms such as those on Ethereum. It is best to sell your OBJKT for 0.01 Tez or less. It is also a good idea to set 25% royalties on the releases to avoid potential bot spam. Luckily there seems to be much less bot activity on H=N than during previous events. This basically allows free art for everyone across the world and also helps get newer artists in the spotlight.

The Gather Foundation has already collected over 150 OBJKTs for the event and we plan on keeping them archived in the future. Here are a few of those now in the Gather Archive.

“Dripping Colors” by Plural Use
“Velvety °_°” by JPBilowus
“from Muybridge’s Cat Trotting, Changing to a Gallop, 1887” by sintang_ligalig
“Stellar Tombs” by Dalisay
“040” by hiteko
“SUN IS SHINING :)” by drielemart
“OLDMONEY” by desultor

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