petStarChippy Interview

“petStar.00000037 – chippychippyRevolution” by petStarChippy

Who are you?

petStarChippy aka the blue god of h=n

How long have you been making art?

I’m originally a musician. But I’ve been making 3d things for a few years now 😀 so it’s hard to say .

How long has Chippy existed?

Chippy was born in march or April of 2021. He was created specifically for h=n, as one of my first pieces. But many say Chippy is a timeless being- future + past all at once.

What is the process for making one of your pieces?

I have a world I’m building, but no specific method I use to build it. I think a lot about the alternate reality in which petStar exists. It pretty much has taken over my brain for a while now.

Do you have any pieces that the process of making chiptunes? Also what defines a Chiptune?

So traditionally Chiptune music is made with video game equipment. I’ve been a huge fan of Chiptune since I was young. I like to call my music “chiptune” even though what I make is something different.. It’s just a pun I couldn’t turn down xD.

All in all – music is my “second nature” kind of art. I have my little synths and tools. it’s just what I love to make most of all. I use a TE OP-1 for everything. 

“petStar.0000052 – transp0rt” by petStarChippy

Why did you start minting art on Hic Et Nunc?

I was lucky enough to see a post back when hen was about a month old. It was the most compelling place to possibly post art in that moment. So cryptic, so clean, and so much cooler than what I thought of as typical “NFT” culture.

What adds value to your art?

So Chippy is an experiment. I don’t want to give too much away to be honest. So I’ll answer this question with more questions.
What gives an NFT value?
Where do NFTs live?
Do we love our collection for a monetary value, or for its meaning?

Are there any pieces that stick out that you’ve made so far?

The interactive work, the original daily series. Honestly I just make Chippy things because I love Chippy. I love it all. I hope people take a chance to find their favorites. I personally believe I made too much work all at once. I just have endless chippys in my mind 🙂 Some are better than others but they all exist in one world to me.

“petStar.0000004” by petStarChippy

I know you also have a love for game design? What’s your history with that?

I love making games. I do so using Unity C# and Pico 8. Lately, I have been thinking this might be my real passion. Music, 3D, storytelling, art.. I want to make an incredible game sometime soon + I can’t wait to sink all my time into it. 

What should we expect from petStarChippy in the years to come?

I am nowhere near tapped out of ideas. I only wish to give the ppl what they want. I am blessed to say Chippy has cultivated a little community of collectors.. And I really hope not to ever let them down. Many have told me to stay the course. I am keeping my head down and powering into the unknown Chippy waters.. Powered only by the blind faith of my new online friends I believe my best work is certainly yet to come :D.

“petStar.0020 – ELEMENTAL:FIRE” by petStarChippy

Are there any artists on hen you want to shoutout?

jmh_wwyg aka marblez is a genius.

Anything else?

petStar has a lot of dimensions. I hope if you are intrigued you take a look around and see which you connect with….. on its face, this Chippy project is an experiment in spreading love thru technology + I hope that love is received.

I never ever in years would have thought anyone would want to connect with my art like this. So I guess I want to say thanks :’D. If you ever want to ask about Chippy or petStar plz just DM me. I want to share as much as I can. 

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