Pixantle Interview


Who are you?

I’m Pixantle, a digital/physical artist working in the UK.

When did you start making art?

From a young age, but it was all total trash until about 2015.

Why did you join hic et nunc?

Green NFT’s, nice community, better quality art!

You have many different projects going on, tell us about them!

I have two ongoing solo series, one is of minimalist 3d renders of little green objects. The other is series of static pixel art robots. I have also been running BitBeings since May, a collectibles project consisting of 1000 hand drawn Pixel art ‘portraits’. I have a bunch of other projects in various stages of development. Some unfinished, some secret, some just for fun.

“BitBeing 338” by BitBeings

@bitbeings seems to be one of your biggest success stories so far, with a loyal following and impressive sales figures. Did you anticipate this happening so quickly?

I did not anticipate just how big BitBeings would become, it has become my passion project, to the point of obsession. I have hundreds of unreleased, unseen BitBeings that I have made just for me! It’s funny to think of them as a following because the BitBeing community has just become my new online friends, such a great bunch of collectors and artists!

What do you love about pixels?

I love the simplicity and the versatility, you can create anything from just a few small squares. And that is fantastic!

What is the process for creating a piece?

For BitBeings, I just dive straight in, and get a basic form or colour scheme down, then hack away at it until it’s where I want it to be. I am an artist outside of NFT’s as well, producing comic art, and fine art, both in a much more structured manner, so when making NFT’s it’s very freeing to just do whatever I want. Most of my Solo stuff is just the product of experimenting with new software and techniques. Creating whatever I feel like that day/week.

“Pixantle.004 – Bright Killer” by Pixantle

What adds value to your art?

Hopefully my art can speak for itself and answer that question for you.

Are there any of your creations that stand out as your favorite?

Too many BitBeings to name, pixantle.002 – Emperor Fortress, ⌂ Spinning Together, And my recent GREENPLACES series.

“⌂ Spinning Together” by Pixantle

Any artists or collectors you want to shout out?

  1. @iamwhitelights My partner on some upcoming projects and a very dope artist mashing up 3d + fractals.
  2. @rodellwarner – one of the first supporters of BitBeings and a really dope artist!
  3. @neon_based – The first person to talk to me in the hicetnunc scene, and also a very dope artist!

Anything else?

Thanks to everyone who has supported my work, collected, chatted to me and been nice! This is one of the most friendly and welcoming communities of artists and collectors on the planet! You are all excellent!

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