Sarut Interview

“Above the sea 8,848.86” by Sarut

Who are you?

I’m Sarut from BKK Thailand.

When did your fascination with mountains begin?

To be honest I’m not quite sure when exactly, besides I have always been outdoor person since my teenage years. My turning point was when I went trekking to Everest Base Camp in Nepal which made me really passionate about mountains.

When did you start making art?

Actually, I studied art since high school but after I graduated I shifted to work in the field of creative advertising, so I didn’t have that much time to work on this form of art. I owe it to the coming of NFTs that give me the opportunity and space to get back into art once again.

Tell us about your collection.

This is my first collection inspired by the mountains in many countries where I have been to. I usually portray my feeling through the photos and letters, but not for this time. I started designing them as one type of arts, and it made me feel enjoyable that I couldn’t stop myself only the ones where I have been. Eventually, another set of the mountains where I would like to be at least once in my life had been done. All of them have become “Above the sea” collection.

“Above the sea 3” by Sarut

Why did you choose hic et nunc?

One of my Thai friends told me of this platform based on clean NFTs, and also that there are many Thai artists planning on building projects in hic et nunc. Besides, I also love the design of this platform.

What are some fun mountain facts you can teach me?

There is the mountain called Mount Hiyoriyama which is the shortest mountain in Japan with only 3 meters in height!! However with the caring behavior of the Japanese people they also created the stairway and also the opening ceremony as they did with Mount Fuji which is the highest mountain in Japan.

“Above The Sea 3,359” by Sarut

Out of your pieces are there any that stand out to you?

This piece called Above the sea 8,848.86 (Mount Everest) and this is also my first project on NFT as well.

Are there any artists you want to shoutout?

I want to shoutout for my Thai friend “Foh” who introduced me to hic et nunc and please stay tuned he is going to release his work on hic et nunc real soon.

Anything else?

I hope everyone appreciates my mountains and I will also continue working on exploring the new ways to portray each mountain. Lastly, please follow Thai artists of hic et nunc.

“Above the sea 6,476” by Sarut

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