Sh!g_NFT Interview

“Mystery Fish Edition: #1 Sunny McGoldfin” by Sh!g

Who are you?

I am Sh!g – UK based web-developer and NFT artist.

When did you start programming?

I have been doing art since I was a child. I never stopped being interested, when I was probably about 13 – we used to mess about in BASIC on the school computers.

10 print “You suck!”

20 goto 10


When did you start making art?

I’ve always messed about with drawing and stuff – I would constantly doodle, although I don’t know if that counts as art. I’ve always experimented with procedural drawing and web stuff – but before H=N I never really finished anything.

What inspired the blind box and generative nature of mystery fish?

I love the KidRobot vinyl stuff and I really wanted to capture that vibe – but I wanted to make something that was personalized to the user somehow. Flygohr had the idea of the token burn and it was just the perfect idea – as soon as he told me he was going to do it I said “I have to steal that idea” – the burn transaction hash was the perfect thing to create a unique item because it was completely random and instigated by the user – so the NFT is only created that way because they burned it when they did. Great artists steal.

What has been your favorite randomly generated fish so far?

#194 Maximus Danger – three-eyed with incredible colors and Danger as a surname! perfect. #76 Zachary Strontium is another great three-eyed fish – pink, green & black – incredible colors for a random fish .

“Maximus Danger #0194” by Sh!g

Tell us a little bit about the art-o-matic project.

I wanted to let collectors participate more in the experience of creating an NFT – I like the idea that although i’ve dictated the shapes and constraints but i have absolutely no control over what gets minted 🙂 I’ve seen some hilarious seeds when I browse them. It’s a great feeling when people enjoy your art as an experience and I think people are having fun with art-o-matic.

You have done pretty incredible in sales so far. What has been your secret?

Sales have definitely increased recently – I’m not even a tiny spec in the rear mirror of p1xelfool or Jjjjjjohn for reference though 🤣 I think if I’ve done anything right it’s to try and push the medium – I’ve been drawn to NFTs because they present a living canvas – so your art doesn’t have to look the same tomorrow. I’m lucky to have found an audience that it resonates with 🙂 Self-promoting on twitter helps as well – I know we all hate doing it but I did stop for about 3 weeks and in that time I sold nothing at all – engagement with the community is really important.

“Procedural Symbols Canvas II” by Sh!g

What are the future plans for mystery fish and art o matic or even just shig in general?

In the immediate term I’m trying to finish the Mystery Fish in hats special edition, so people can burn some red tokens – then there will probably be a Mystery fish Halloween Edition 🙂

I can see myself using art-o-matic to drop a few limited runs of art – I don’t think I’ll do another run of 1000 though – it takes me a lot longer than mark the habibi to sell that many 🤣

There’s a lot of stuff I figured out for art-o-matic that leads into future mystery fish stuff. I’m looking at smart contracts at the moment and trying to figure out how I might make a breeding mechanic work nicely.

The mysteryfish website needs some love and when I get time I’m adding an avatar generator – I start a lot of projects so there’s always a few in progress… its finishing a project thats hard.

What is your current dream goal?

To make enough money doing this that I can quit working full-time and do art experiments instead.

“Mystery Fish Token” by Sh!g

Are there any artists on Hic Et Nunc we should checkout?

The artists I feature the most in my collection are my favorites including

  • Qubyt
  • thisisarobot
  • stefjillustrator
  • flygohr
  • thr33som3s
  • _orderandchaos
  • aebrer
  • egglion
  • miguelgarest

If you weren’t making NFTs right now what would you be doing?

I’d probably be trying to make a web-based game.

Anything Else?

Not that I can think of – thanks for the questions 🙂

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