Top Sales 08/23/21 – 08/30/21

Reachback by XCopyart

With well over 250k transactions the week of 8/23-8/30 was one of the most exciting yet for Hicetnunc. There were many large purchase sales on the secondary market. Will these buys pay off for the collectors? Time will tell.

“REACHBACK” #25745

To start off the top sales of the week we have a very rare XCopyart piece. Purchased by @tomkysar for a whopping 31,337 TEZ (~$150,000). As of yet XCopyart has no other pieces on hic et nunc. “REACHBACK” has 3 editions and originally sold for just 5 TEZ on the primary market. This means that the original collector managed to make over 6,000x their initial investment.

CSRSNT-CAAI-029-of-128.png” #45649

The silver medal for the week goes to “CSRSNT-CAAI-029-of-128.png” which is a 1 of 1 generative art piece created by Caesuras sized 2160×2160 px. Their secondary market sales have been on fire with quite a few pieces being the top 30 highest last sold this week. There is a big generative art craze right now, the question is how long will it last?

PAINLESS//” #93459

Finally coming in at the third spot is “Painless//” by FVCKRENDER. FVCKRENDER is a well known Ethereum artist that has a large following and managing to have spot this gem months ago seems to have paid off for the collectors. The profile seemingly gives no clues that FVCKRENDER owns it but despite this the sales are still coming in big. It’s always good to keep an eye out for hidden masterpieces but beware of copymints!

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