Top Sales 09/09/21 – 09/15/21

Window Still Life 032” #26729

Window 032 swapped this week at 2149 Tez and was purchased by Awakened$Monkey and is now listed for 34,000 tez. This window features the iconic skeleton, a Cheez-it box, Pepsi, some beautiful glowing leaves, and a ripe and vivid orange. Jjjjjohn also had window 059 sell for 1,850 tez making it the third highest on site this week. Will this sale be considered a steal in the years to come or known as one of the worst purchases in Hic Et Nunc History? Based off the volume and attention that Jjjjjohn has been receiving this past year it seems like option 2 is more feasible.

“Primitive Prophesy” #228530

Primitive Prophesy was created by the generate collective and is a piece exploring generative art and combining chaos and order. The colors and motion of this piece are striking and it’s no wonder this 1/1 was bought for a grand 2,000 tez. Generative art has been hot in the clean nft space and we are constantly seeing projects created by computers skyrocket in value. How long will the generative art craze last?

Pantheism: Star chart 1” #7618

This 1/1 piece by Joanie Lemercier is a beautiful sky chart and one of the top sales being purchased on 9/12 for 1,510 tezos. Joanie has been minting art on Hic Et Nunc for quite some time now and holds over 5,000 hdao which means they have strong faith in their art and the HEN community. It is amazing seeing established real world artists enter into the wonderful world of clean NFTs.

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