Top Sales 09/01/21 – 09/08/21

The start of September has brought many new faces into hic et nunc, with this last week seeing a 13% increase in users making the site’s userbase around 12,400.

“Box Fan Of Love” #168128

This Jjjjjohn notebook piece was the top sale of the week raking in 5,000 Tezos for the collector on the secondary market. The notebooks are the secondary collection from John Karel with the main being his windows. We keep seeing Mr.Karel in the spotlight of both primary and secondary sales and one can only ask if this artistic train will ever stop.

Winter” #67424

Winter was sold for 3,200 Tezos and was originally purchased off the primary for a small 10 tezos. This piece was created by 3.42010163, an artist with no social media linking on their hic et nunc page. Despite this, they have some very colorful and geometry based art that has developed a strong following. Generative art is the craze right now and as long as computers can turn on, art can be made with them.

ƖƝƔƛƧƖƠƝ” #256041

Lastly is “ƖƝƔƛƧƖƠƝ” by generative artist Shvembldr. This 1/1 was originally sold on the primary market for just 300 Tezos. Too many humans paying over $1,000 for a piece of art made by a computer sounds crazy, however the original buyer managed to quickly flip the piece for a whopping 3,000 Tezos. The colors and textures of this piece are a wonderful blend of sharp and blurry textures across the black plane. Maybe in the future we will realize that selling this piece for a small 3,000 Tezos was the real mistake.

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