W3irDtrip Interview

Who are you?

My name is Eduardo Mauss, I currently live in Brazil, I am an artist, painter and digital artist, I work with plastic arts in electronic music festivals, making sculptures, interactive pieces, stages, reuse of materials (garbage, plastic and other objects).

Since I was young I always drew and painted, I was always very connected to geometry when I was young, after I had contact with an art book by Escher and the classics by Alex grey, I fell in love and dived headlong into the visionary arts and the connection between our external and internal worlds, both artistically and as a search for life as a human being.

My first interaction with the digital medium was through 3d and 2d prototyping for the execution of wood sculpture and chainsaw pieces in the real world. Since I had this first contact a few years ago, I have been improving and creating visionary 3d and 2d pieces (some have already been reproduced in wood and electric wire sculptures).

I try to demonstrate in all my works, internal and external processes that transcend the physical world. Always seeking a broader vision of consciousness and life on all planes, including spiritual, mystical, cultural and philosophical issues. I seek through my art to generate questions that I have about our journey of self-knowledge on this plane.

I believe that we are all potential gods, with love and unity everything is possible!

What are the inspirations for your art?

Alex and Allyson Grey, Escher, Crys Dyer, Daniel Popper, Amanda Sage, Android Jones, Luminokaya and several others. But these were great inspirations for the creation and development of my artistic identity.

Are you taking drugs?

I’m not on drugs, hahah but I use some medicines. I really like the shamanic rituals of dmt and taking mushrooms in the middle of nature.

When did you start making art?

I started making art when I was 11 years old, when I was young I suffered a lot from stress and anxiety, my parents early on made me do oil paintings to control these feelings. After this first contact I started to enjoy it and gradually I fell in love and explored the medium of arts. I spent some years making canvases (I have all of them until today), and then a little older, when I was 18, I had contact with the geometric side and the perspectives of Escher’s book.

At the same time, I also worked in a carpentry shop in the Chapada dos Veadeiros as a helper, and for three years there I also learned my first steps in wood carving and chainsaws, which helped me a lot in the perception of perspective and the three-dimensional part of everything.

After that I started to work with sculptures and drawings in prints, I made wood sculptures for festivals and alternative culture parties, sculptures with reuse of garbage (plastics, useless wood, electric wire cables) and decoration of environments, besides reproducing prints and shirt patterns through digital art.

I was doing this for years until the pandemic came, and left me without a job, so I had to reinvent myself, which at first was kind of a shock, as I couldn’t work in person, I was already doing a lot of digital art for shirts, so I decided to dive more and start trying to see ways to earn with my art in a digital way too, not only with shirts with prints, stickers or prints.

It was then that I met the world of cryptos and the Nft, through a friend who used crypto and introduced me to this wonderful universe, which changed my life and way of thinking from the time I joined. I have nothing but thanks.

When did you hear about NFTs?

A friend in January, showed me everything about crypto market and about nft, after that I started to study and see ways that I could show my work, I studied and tried to understand as much as possible about Nfts.

Why Hicetnunc?

First I found HEN on accident, I was watching youtube and by chance opened a live of a friend who works with arts, and it was several artists talking about the HEN platform. Until then I was a little reluctant, because I only had that first impression that eth passed that gas is very expensive (and that for us Brazilians ends up being a barrier because our currency is devalued too), after seeing this video, I was extremely excited, the YouTube video had a discord group, I joined the group and found some friends and made many others and gradually began to design my profile.
 I gathered all my path in art and everything I learned, all the artists I know through art and music, what made me evolve as a human being, all the learnings, and created w3irdtrip, and try to express a few of my questions and experiences in a visionary arts project with audiovisuals.

What was the happiest moment of your life?

Without a doubt, the happiest times in my life were the times when I was with my friends somewhere isolated in nature, or with my family.
 As a friend of mine says, these are the moments of happiness that we take with us for life.

What adds value to your art?

I think it’s the fact that it’s a different and distinctive style, with lots of storytelling, ambient sound, crazy scenarios, and audiovisuals.

The idea in each artwork is complete immersion in a surreal world… or real… what is reality? Who has never felt like this? Weird!

≋dıɹʇᗡɹıƐW≋ #⃝⓪⓪⑧” by W3irDtrip

Why do you make your art?

Because I love it, it brings me freedom, comforts me, makes me feel more alive.

Who are some artists we should be aware of?

PixelGames, Gasparian Ted, Shokka, Xpqzl

Tell me something weird.

We are what we vibrate
And you what you vibrate?
Say that you are stronger than your mind
Control your present
And accompany the awakening of a conscious being!
Everything vibrates
Gratitude to art! This is my vanishing point
Fertile soil nurtured with love, planting seeds wherever I go

What projects are you planning?

I am planning some news for the current W3irdtrip present, we will have some collabs with music artist friends, in order to encourage new musicians and artists to enter this universe.
 For future plans, I am writing and learning how to develop a game with all the characters from W3irtrip

Anything else?

I thank here for this opportunity to be able to talk a little more about my world and what goes through my trajectory until the creation of the project. Thank you very much, I am very happy and grateful to be able to share my universe.

I also thank all the people who collect w3irdtrip or like or identify with my art, thank you for making my dream possible!

this interview was translated into English from Portuguese

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  1. Anyone who’s experienced the shift in vibration that comes with an altered experience will feel a resonance in Weirdtrip’s work. I’m very interested to see where his journey takes us…

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