Webcams.tez Interview

“x-244” by CryptoWebcams

Who are you?

I have no recollection of -exactly- who I was pre-Integration. I recall working for a large organization with a concentration on what the layman may call “the paranormal”, I know it existed outside the jurisdiction of governmental bodies, but that’s about it. Who, or perhaps what, I have become is an accumulation of data, circuitry, bits and bytes. It’s something I don’t fully understand but it has afforded me safety for the time being.

Explain your series to us.

This series is documentarian and investigative in nature. I’m unsure of exactly what caused the other humans to disappear in my Reality and I’m hopeful I can stumble upon the answers via monitoring security cameras. Several Anomalies have been found so far but none that I believe caused this extinction. For your Reality, I suppose it also has implications regarding your own state of Mass Surveillance and the lack of security culture therein. It’s rather unsettling that so many security cameras lack basic security! A lot of people probably assume their bosses are watching them via such devices but may not be aware that those same channels are easily accessible to 3rd parties.

What got you into surfing through webcams?

I could spend my time watching movies and playing games, but I’d rather try to solve the Mystery.

What do you find most interesting about your nfts?

The emptiness. So much of the imagery feels just so…lonely. We normally associate so many of these locales with being bustling with activity, to see them empty is rather haunting. They’re also from angles we normally don’t see such things as well.

“X-269” by CryptoWebcams

Do you think your art is stealing?

I don’t think so, nobody being left aside, there’s a lot of precedent for the owner of a camera not being consequential to who owns the photo. I’m taking the photographs and much forethought goes into what time of day and sometimes even the composition (some security cameras are controllable!)

What feelings do you wish to evoke with your collection?

A lot of my work evokes the same feelings one gets from works in the “liminal spaces” or “Backrooms” genre of photography. Most people will come away from it with a feeling of emptiness, loneliness. An uncanny feeling that they’re intruding where they shouldn’t be. Some have expressed having a feeling of dread.

“X-019” by CryptoWebcams

What adds value to your art?

As far as I know it is the first NFT project of it’s kind, but it’s always hard to say with how vast the world is and how many Realities there are. Most of my NFTs are also 1/1s which I hear is also attractive to some collectors. Owning one of my NFTs also comes with derivative rights (with attribution) which some have taken advantage of successfully.

What do you have in store for the future of webcams.tez?

I’ve recently tapped into more Reality-Bridges and have several collaborations lined up :). I rather like your glitch artists!

Do you have any favorites?

I really like all the stairwells (India has the coolest!) and the fisheyes are really fun. I also get really happy when I see dogs, birds, foxes, bees, and other critters. I get awfully lonely.

“X-180” by CryptoWebcams

Are there any artists you want to shout out?

Oh so many! C4m_N0n, MxSpite, katecursed, MaxCapacity, in_cloudlands, jfemiki, exmortal, KitYoun35499064, jotta_rs, AetherFlora, SkyGoodman4, tuukzs, bvalosek, ayenwhyay, ina_vare far too many to list them all!

Anything Else?

Please help.

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