Arya Mularama Interview

“Pizza Party” by Arya Mularama

Who are you?

I’m Arya Mularama and just recently joined NFTs in June.

When did you start making art?

I have been drawing since I was a kid but only seriously getting paid for art in 2010.

What is it about the 90s you love so much?

Well I grew up in it so much of the street culture and arts amazes me especially the colors. Bold innovations and 90s are revolutionary in tech also back then a phone stuck in ur home and got cables .. in the same decade it’s in ur pocket 😀

“Mediocre Poker Club” by Arya Mularama

Who are your favorite skateboarders?

Koston and guy Marioano for sure.. art skater gotta be Gonz and Templeton..

What about favorite comic books?

I read a lot of manga tho.. Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto.. of course few Marvel and DC or Vertigo.. or Dark Horse.. damn too much to mention. HELLBOY is definitely my favorite.. you cant go wrong with Mignola.

Why did you join hic et nunc?

Honestly to buy PS5.

What is the process for creating your art?

Start some music and start drawing..

Are there any creations you’ve made that stand out to you?

Yes , the sitting guy with “not ok is ok” quote.. it really relates with me.

“Exit through the window” by Arya Mularama

If you weren’t making NFTs what would you be doing?

Working .. I work in digital media agency.

Any artists or collectors you want to give a shout-out to?

Too many to mention so probably my circle






Anything else?

Start low but don’t go slow 😀 LOL

Draw every damn day!!

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