CopyMint Warning: Artist Unknown

Specific Copyminter Examples. Generally a random name and profile picture, may even look legitimate on first glance.

What is a copymint?

As defined on our Glossary page “A copyminter is someone who creates copymints, and a copymint is essentially a type of scam. These works are not minted by their original creators, and as such can be considered ‘stolen’ or a forgery.”

They can trick collectors by creating too good to be true deals or just using others amazing artwork and selling it for a much lower price than the authentic pieces. To some collectors potentially scoring a really quality piece

To an untrained eye it may be hard to determine if you are truly buying art from the artist you think you are. You should always be confident in your CleanNFT purchases or you could end up losing a lot of tez. It’s best to purchase art only from accounts that have set up a Tezos Profile that you can verify, or art from an artist you can confirm is legitimate through social media platforms like Twitter.

The four mints as shown above have been commonly used as copymints for the past few months. You will more than likely see these pieces appear on the home page every now and again. The true artist behind the art is most likely a known Ethereum artist who the scammer is impersonating.

Stay Safe And Always Make Sure You Know What You Are Buying

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