Eko33 Interview

Elementary luck 05″ by Eko33

Who are you?

I’m an artist living and working from Switzerland.

When did you start making art?

I started in 1999 when I was experimenting with Max/MSP and SuperCollider. I then started to create visuals using NATO.0+55 + 3D. Since then I’ve been producing artworks to express my emotions and improve my coding practice. It’s an ever evolving field and there’s always something new to learn about or experiment with.

What do you love about generative art?

I absolutely love generative arts because you can be focused on the process instead of the end result. To me it’s an interesting metaphor for how to approach life. It’s very easy to be focused on the result and neglecting the process, generative art is I believe a great reminder of it. Also, like in life there’s (at least in my work) some part of randomness.

I always build algorithms with some margins for randomness and luck inside. I personally struggle a lot when I feel I’m not in control with my life. Generative arts reminds me that some bits of randomness can sometimes be cool.

“Black and white luck 81” by Eko33

What do you say to the haters of generative art as a whole?

Haters of generative arts or computer arts are here since the very early days. I believe we are extremely lucky to be here today because what’s happening with generative art is absolutely unheard of. If people hate generative art I guess it’s down to the artists to create works and explains their process in order to potentially change their minds.

I respect everyone’s opinions but usually when you feel hate you’re still engaged with an artwork. I would be concerned for someone who doesn’t feel anything about generative art.

Tell us about your nft podcast “probably nothing”.

The Podcast « probably nothing » was created because I wanted to give a voice to the artists and collectors. Collecting NFTs is a brand new experience. I would like to help artists express the narrative about their creations and also help collectors to learn more about how other collectors operate in this field.

What are your current goals?

The most important thing for me is to have fun and enjoy what I’m doing. Creating art is a very liberating experience. I’ve done it for myself exclusively for more than two decades. Realizing today that collectors around the world appreciate what I do is completely unexpected. I also want to help the community of artists and collectors because I truly believe NFT is a radical game changer and certainly not a fad.

“lucky horizon” by Eko33

Why did you join Hic et nunc?

I was looking for a fully decentralized platform. I’ve also been seduced by the hard fork proof nature of Tezos alongside its other technical attributes that I find fascinating. On top of the technical reasons why I believe Tezos is a fantastic technology the POS nature of its blockchain has a strong appeal to me for environmental reasons.

What advice would you give to those curious about joining the nft space?

I would suggest to start collecting at least one NFT. Usually that’s when lots of questions start to get answers. It’s a very hard thing to explain to non crypto natives but everyone I met who started to collect at least one NFT started to understand how revolutionary this technology is for artists and collectors.

Is there anybody you’d like to shoutout?

There are too many exciting new artists to mention just one. I would essentially like to say thank you to each member of the Tezos community as it’s such a fantastic community to be part of.

“Mask 006” by Eko33

Anything else?

That’s it. Thanks for the questions. Keep me posted

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