Geomi Interview

“Numpad Drumpad #4” by Geomi

Who are you?

I am Geomi 🙂

When did you start making art?

I’ve messed around with various forms of art and music since I was a kid. I had a Win 95 computer at a young age and loved being creative on it, messing with Sound Recorder and MS Paint.

What inspired you to make digital toys?

Well, mostly coming from making games but liking prototyping more than doing a full game. The toys let me do little creative experiments without getting burn out. So it’s nice to have a little finished toy instead of a bunch of unfinished games.

“Numpad Drumpad #2” by Geomi

Why did you join Hic et nunc?

I found it looking to see if there were any platforms that supported HTML5 and was happy that it used Tezos and low energy consumption. I have to say that the community is really warm and inviting and I am happy to be a part of it.

Your creations have already found a following and as of asking these questions you have no works available on the primary market. How does this make you feel?

It sure is nice that people like them. I try to make stuff that I would like to play around with, and it’s nice that I can share a joyful experience with others. When stuff started selling out within a few minutes of swapping I was really blown away and did not expect that.

What is the process for creating one of your works?

Mostly starting with a little art mockup of an idea then making stuff you can click on and doing some sounds for it. I have tons of ideas, so I just let my strongest wants lead the way. I also love collecting things and try to think of things I would want to collect.

“Numpad Drumpad #1” by Geomi

Are there any other projects you are working on?

Yeah, I have some stuff in the works. Of course more Numpad Drumpads they are fun but, I have some mockups for virtual pets, keyboards, interactive PFP, and a collab involving a fish tank.

How do you hope your digital toys are used?

Mostly I hope I can bring a little entertainment and joy to people, something to destress a little bit and also have some excitement for collecting/waiting for the next drop. One thing I love about Numpad Drumpads is bringing the core of samplers to people who might not have knowledge / resources to play with something like that. It’s a nice way to let people be musical whether they are classically a musician or not.

What has been the best advice you’ve ever heard?

In general about being creative, is to not chase fads or money but do what you want to do. You will be better at making the sort of things you like and there are surely people who also like that.

“Numpad Drumpad #3” by Geomi

Are there any artists we should keep an eye out for? Or collectors you’d like to thank?

I’d say Eddie Lee, he has been really kind to me since I started doing this stuff a few weeks ago. He is also doing some great interactive stuff, a very talented creator. He bought my first interactive test, which was a turd you clicked on to play a fart sound. I did not expect anyone to buy it LOL.

Anything else?

Just that I am going to keep trying to make fun stuff to interact with and collect. I have lots of ideas . So stay tuned!

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