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“DOS Punk 167” by dos-punks

What is DOS-Punks?

DOS-Punks is a collection of 1000 collectible punks unassociated with the original Cryptopunks made by Larva Labs. Half of the DOS-Punks are being minted on Tezos and the other half on Ethereum. As said in the Hic Et Nunc Artist Bio “Each one is made with a DOS character set and various retro-gaming/computing color palettes.”

The DOS-Punks collection was created by Max Capacity and was an overnight success, with each drop selling even quicker than the last. Presently it is near impossible to score one of these creations on the primary market and secondary sales have been going through the rough. So far there have been 9 DOS-Punks that have sold for 1000tez or more (Roughly $7,500 as of this post). There is tons of hype and speculation about this project and many of the Tezos DOS-Punks are reselling for more than the ETH ones.

“DOS-Punk 83” by DOS-Punks

Not all of the 1,000 punks have been minted yet so there are still new creations to be generated! Many collectors are interested in scoring the black and white DOS-Punks and the hooded punks seem to be quite popular as well. If you just spend a few minutes browsing through #hicetnunc on twitter you are bound to see many DOS-Punks as profile pictures.

This project blew up out of seemingly nowhere, and now owning a DOS-Punk is almost as sought after as owning a Tezzard or a Jjjjjohn window. This collection should act as motivation for artists and highlights how fast paced the Hic Et Nunc scene is even 7 months after inception.

“DOS Punk 221” by DOS-Punks


With success comes malicious people trying to capitalize. There have been many attempts to produce copymints of DOS-Punks. Always verify that the art you buy is from the artist who made it! Don’t let greed or a too good to be true purchase cause harm to yourself!

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