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“Fun Painting 036” by whatisreal

Fun Painting 036

Fun Painting 036 is the latest creation behind one of Hic Et Nunc’s most popular artists “WhatIsReal”. Their artworks continue to sell out rapidly once listed and there is plenty of action on the secondary market for their artworks as well. They released this 25 edition piece titled “Fun Painting 036” on the primary market for 150 Tez.

This high price didn’t prevent them from being collected as buyers (in a matter of minutes) managed to cause the piece sell out. This netted whatisreal 3,450 Tez or $23,115 almost instantly. Fun Painting 036 has also already sold six separate times on the secondary market already as of this post.

Fun Painting 036 is of course the 36th Fun Painting in the series and features two boney hands reaching out and into the scene. The room inside the frame has a black and white checkered floor with a oracle ball standing center. Behind the sphere lays mysterious blue light orbs and curtains that are pulled to the side to showcase them.

The Tweet Posted Alongside The Mint

WhatIsReal is known for their animated paintings with the iconic golden frame around each work. They are one of the highest earning artists in all of Hic Et Nunc. According to NFTBiker WhatIsReal artworks have made over 80,000 Tez which totals to roughly $500,000. 62.67% of the Tez were made on the secondary market by the collectors. Absolutely astonishing figures considering how young NFTs and HEN still are.

There is no sign of the hype dying anytime soon with this artist as we can see from todays insane primary and secondary action. Consistently WhatIsReal artworks are selling for 100Tez+ on the secondary market and they have truly become a CleanNFT legend.

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