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“MAKING//” by fvckrender


MAKING// is the third mint on fvckrender’s official Hic Et Nunc page. Fvckrender is a known NFT artist with over 100,000 followers on Twitter. They have very detailed and gorgeous render works and they are a well known creator and personality in the scene. Fvckrender was even nominated by the NFT NYC NFT Awards for “Best Digital NFT Artist”. They rarely mint on HEN and some of their most recent works have went for over 36 ETH at auction (roughly $155,000) so to collect a work on Hic Et Nunc you usually will get a pretty good deal.

With all the notoriety, Fvckrender list their artworks for high prices on the primary market which is a little abnormal in contrast to most other artists on the site. Fvckrender is a bigger name however, and the price could be considered more than reasonable by veteran collectors. 50 editions of MAKING// were minted and swapped for 200Tez each (Roughly $1,350) with 10% royalties.

Even with this high price (in contrast to most other primary listings on HEN) it managed to sell out in about 24 hours and has once even sold on the secondary market for 500Tez This CleanNFT pulled in 10,000Tez on the primary market (roughly $67,500) and shows the continued popularity and demand for digital artwork.

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