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What Are Neonz?

As stated on their own website “Neonz are a limited collection of 10,000 unique avatars on the Tezos Blockchain, randomly generated from futuristic neon character art by Sutu.” The style of this series is very unique in contrast to many other collectible projects and the hand-drawn, animated neon style is quite beautiful. Neonz plans on giving holders additional content using AR and VR (the experiences are already in development).

Sutu has created many digital comics and created the world’s first Augmented Reality art book. He creates VR films and his creations have been showcased at festivals including Sundance, Tribeca, and SXSW. They have a very strong background in making some amazing creations and being behind the visuals of top artists including The Weeknd, John Legend, and Dillon Francis. They are well known in the NFT scene and this project has only boosted their popularity further.

Sutu is also the Co-Founder of EyeJack – an Art and Technology company.

In just a little over 24 hours Sutu managed to pull in a whopping 200,000 Tezos (Roughly 1.3Mil USD) with their handdrawn neon animations. Some Tezos nodes were even acting up due to the massive traffic caused by this project and made it so some couldn’t collect before they were sold out. This project once again proves that the Tezos CleanNFT art ecosystem is still thriving as the Tezos coin itself continues to try and footing. As of this post the collectors still do not know what their Neonz look like as all purchased will have random currently unknown traits.

Pre Trait Neonz

The secondary market is also seeing sales with many collectors betting on the longevity of the collection. On their Twitter Sutu is a self proclaimed “XR Artist/Storyteller.” and has unique and amazing plans for the project. As said on “Neonz is the first project of the Sutuverse – Sutu’s own Metaverse! Sutu is exploring ways where owning Neonz will unlock future content in AR and VR. Both AR and VR experiences are already in development. More info on this coming soon!”

Random Neonz Example

A very exciting time for Sutu and all the collectors of this project. It will be very exciting to hear what is next in store now that the minting phase is over. It will also be interesting to see how the price plays out on this project and what the secondary sales will look like. Amazing work and we at GatherArt believes this highlights what is to come for the CleanNFT ecosystem.

When “the lights turn on” it will be amazing to see what sort of Neonz get generated.

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