Ikksan Interview

“No tears, please. It’s waste of good suffering.” by Ikksan

Who are you?

Hi, it’s me Ikksan the living vampire.

When did you start making art?

Actually, I started making art from senior high school just for fun but became more serious for the past four years as a professional animator for a studio. Then I decided to sign out and continue as a freelance illustrator.

What inspires you?

The things that inspire me to make artwork are anything related to horror stuff such as Junji Ito or Hideo Yamamoto’s comics. I do watch movies directed by Tim Burton and Stanley Kubrick that have a bunch of heart-stopping scenes that influenced me to make artwork.

Why did you join Hic Et Nunc?

Many local art scenes talk about Hic Et Nunc. From the beginning, I just saw their hustle and bustle. I admit that so many artists show their artwork in a so-called experimental or weird style. For me, that’s incredibly mesmerizing. Then, I thought that my artwork was suitable for this kind of Hic Et Nunc’s wave. After that, I found my long-lost soul to show my artwork again because for the previous time I only made artwork that was requested by my clients, so it can’t fulfill my desire, yea that’s a professional thing tho.

“I put my trust in you” by Ikksan

What is the behind the scenes process of your art?

I do read comics, watch movies, then remember the scene that lingering then I applied it into stuff. But sometimes it goes like a blank page in my mind but my hand is dancing to make “something”, so it just happens.

What emotions and ideas does your art promote?

It often resonates a dozen sadness and more creepy things as the recipes (haha)

Do you have a favorite creation so far?

“You Suffer Beautifully” is one of my favorite pieces. It was also inspired by Junji Ito. I re-work that piece several times with different styles, from manual drawing to pixel art. Also, that was my first NFT that sold out on Hic Et Nunc. Then, it affected my recent artworks.

“You Suffer Beautifully” by Ikksan

Would you ever make happy looking art?

I never make happy-looking art. I enjoy creepy things, it makes me joyful yet haunted by butterflies in my stomach. Doesn’t rule out the possibility to collaborate with horror-cute themes in the future.

What do you have planned for the future?

What kind of plan? Honestly, I don’t have any ideas for my life in the future because I’m the happiest clueless bastard man (lol). Ohh, but for NFT’s plan itself, I thought about cooking something fresh, such as a short movie maybe.

“Take it, Kaori.” by Ikksan

Anybody you want to shout out?

There are so many artists with cool artworks, especially around my circle. I can name a few of them:

Anything else?

When you asked me to get interviewed it was shocking as well. Getting an opportunity to introduce my artwork to the internet fellas who hit this page in the future is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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