Juki Interview

“Beauty” by Juki

Who are you?

It’s Juki from Istanbul.

When did you start making art?

Hmm, I studied architecture and practiced it for a couple of years. Then I quit architecture and started working for a post-production studio as a 3D artist which I’m still working for full time. And back in the April or so I decided to do something of my own to express myself and here we are.

Where does your distinct and colorful style come from?

It evolved along the way for sure. In my works I want to portray a certain feeling and sensation, a tiny spaced out moment that evokes emotions in the viewer. Colors and contrast helps.

“Gaze” by Juki

What is the process for creating a piece?

I daydream, stare at a wall and look through some inspirational art mostly for an idea. Then I block out shapes and play with light on Cinema 4d. I spend some time deciding on colors (this can take a while colors can be tricky) and make final touches on photoshop or after effects.

Why did you join hic et nunc?

HEN’s community is great. There are so many incredibly talented artists minting at HEN, it’s unbelievable. Huge opportunity for some of us and proud to be a part of it.

“Nymphs In The Night” by Juki

How has the reception of your works been so far?

Pretty motivating. I love what I do and its really nice to get appreciated. I didn’t expect I would be at this point and its going great so far. Truly thankful to everyone.

Do you have any pieces that are your favorite?

I actually always think about this question myself. Its probably “Lukewarm”. I don’t know it just makes me really comfortable just to look at it. It feels nostalgic and reminds me of the happy days with no responsibility and stress.

“Lukewarm” by Juki

What is some advice you would give to other artists?

I don’t wanna sound wise-ass but I thinks its important to not compromise on having fun. I don’t see any point doing something you don’t like doing it just to get easy appreciation. And it feels really good to try some new stuff and explore new things. Comfort zone can be boring and dangerous at the same time.

Are there any artists, friends, or collectors you want to shoutout?

There are lots of them, I met so many truly great human beings in this space. It’s so easy and feels natural to exchange thoughts and appreciations with people in this community.

Anything else?

Thank you for this interview, I really appreciate it. Thank you everyone to anyone who reads or show some love to what I do.

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