Marblez.tez Interview

“#30 🐬 dolphin world 🐬” by marblez.tez

Who are you?

Marblez is a 1/1 project by @jmh_wwyg ✌️🐸

When did you start making art?

Probably somewhere around 1996, been experimenting with videogame and generative art since ~2008, but I didn’t join the NFT scene until about 7 months ago.

What’s the story behind marblez series?

I wanted to create a 1/1 series featuring some kind of toy or game- it had to be something simple to approach but full of detail. Marbles were chosen as the inspiration because they hold an inherent beauty.

“#7 πŸ‘Ά bubblegum baby πŸ‘Ά” by marblez.tez

Why did you choose to mint on hic et nunc?

As soon as I learned about NFTs I was really excited to join the movement, but the environmental concerns were a HUGE issue for me. My first works were on OpenSea but as soon as I learned about Tezos I was done with ETH. HEN is also just so aesthetic, a perfect fit for marblez.

What is the process for making a marble?

Marblez are inspired from emotions / memories. I’ll usually doodle something in my notebook, then start the sculpt in blender 3D. The “guts” of the marble is modeled and exported to an obj or custom txt file. From here I edit the text file, using different functions and maths so I can interpret the file in the GML powered marblez engine which is always being developed.

Marble properties are then tweaked for interactivity. A “display mode” animation is programmed, the frames are dumped, imported to gimp 2.8, exported as gif for the thumbnail. The audio is always done last. Then I write a description with unique emoji or unicode text. export, mint, on to the next marble.

What adds value to your art?

The depth. Each one is individually sculpted and programmed with a unique function and alternate render as well as custom audio. There are also hidden messages and patterns across the entire series. Lots of puns and codes.

“#4 ❄️ old snow ❄️” by marblez.tez

Why do you wakeup in the morning?

I wake up (at noon) because I have to make marblez. If I don’t make marblez, no one will.

Do you have any marblez that are your favorite?

I’m super happy with all the collab marblez!

#07πŸ‘Ά w/ @divinesgrave

#16🐦 w/ @petStarChippy

#23β™Ž w/ @aebrer

#28πŸ•·οΈ w/ @MrRudeManners

#36🧩 w/ @AlexDelia

#38🦟 w/ @mrcjhoward

#42πŸ›Έ w/ @thisisarobot2

#48πŸ›‘οΈ w/ @Guandanarian

My favorite non-collaborative marblez are #4❄️, #11🐘, #22πŸ‘Ό/😈, #30🐬 and #34πŸ’Ώ.

This season, marblez.fanz should keep an eye out for #50πŸƒ, #56🍾 and #60πŸ¦„!!!

Other than marblez do you have any other projects you are working on?

Too many dream projects to count… all I can say for now is that there will be another series beyond marblez.

“#46 πŸš‚ Block Train πŸš‚” by marblez.tez

Are there any artists we should keep an eye out for?

Some of my favorite artists (who aren’t mentioned above) @computerevryday @cybermistic @eddietree @FornaxVoid @geomi_soft @grelysian @jfemiki @nam_mac @_viscous

Anything else?

Every artist should experiment with making interactive art. Thank u πŸ™‡

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