Damroe / Kickflip.tez Interview

“Tezosman kickflip” by kickflip

Who are you?

Well hello, my name is Damroe, the pronunciation is Damru. I am an animator and illustrator from Indonesia. I work for a big IP and one of the comic studios in Indonesia. I graduated as a bachelor of art from Jakarta Institute of Art in 2019. My daily life is spent just to draw and draw. But sometimes I eat, sleep, and date hahaha.

When did you start making art?

First time making art, actually from childhood, maybe around elementary school, I’ve made comics for myself, like when I saw dragon ball, marvel and even transformers, then I made my own version of comics with their characters in them. I really like drawing since childhood, even my notebook when I was in school, maybe 80% of it was my drawings, and only 20% was left for school notes. But becoming a professional as an illustrator was 2015 – 2016 when I studied at the Jakarta Institute of Art.

What made you want to make NFTs?

What made me want to make Nft, I guess curiosity about the world of digital markets.  Besides pop culture and comics, I also like technological advancements.  Previously I also tried to buy crypto currencies like ETH and DOGE, and when NFT appeared I immediately thought, “I think this is the right token for me, because I can collect crypto but with what I like, namely drawing”.

What do you love about skateboarding?

I really like the fashion of the skateboard culture, besides that what I like the most is the solidarity in the community.

What is a favorite memory you had skateboarding?

I like skateboarding because of Tony Hawk, I don’t know who he was at first, I only played it on Playstation games when I was little. Then my neighbor bought a skateboard, but I was too scared to ride it, so I just sat and on it pushing it with my feet.

“Neon Skeleton guy kickflip” by kickflip

What inspired the kickflip collection?

I think for the drawing style, I really like Scott Pilgrim comics and gorillaz. They inspires me a lot. But it still looks different in style maybe because of the difference in the way we draw, and that’s good in my opinion.

What is the process for creating a piece?

Like making animations in general, sketches, outlines, then coloring.  But for this kickflip, I already have the base sketch/keyframe.  So I just changed the accessories and the head, but I also redrawn some like dinosaurs, vampires, frog, etc. because their proportions are different from humans

Are there any creations that stand out to you more than others?

I think I like the frog kickflip the most.  because it’s so fantasy when I think of a frog kickflip with his skateboard.

“Frog kickflip” by kickflip

What adds value to your art?

Nowadays most animators use assets and motion to move them, I think what adds value to me is that I still draw frame by frame to create them.

Is there anyone you want to shoutout?

Hahaha, I think I want to thank my parents, for freeing me to do whatever I want

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