Eugene Tones Interview

“RAVE” by Eugene Tones

Who are you?

My name is Eugene, I’m from Ukraine, I’m a self-taught motion designer since 2020. Cat lover. Cyberpunk aesthetics lover.

When did you start making art?

It started at the end of 2020. I was taking a composition class, and I really liked it. I started drawing storyboards of small funny stories. At the same time I was learning 3D – making different things. I like different styles – neon/cyberpunk aesthetics, skulls, sci-fi robots. In early 2021 I was invited to collab with some great creative people, and here I am!

What do you love the most about animating?

At first I was afraid of character animation. Because it’s complicated. But it’s a whole world! You can build your own world with its own laws, use exaggeration and absurdity to evoke emotions in the audience. For me it’s pure fun – I can spend all day at the computer.

What advice would you give to somebody that wants to start their animation career?

Be patient! Animation it’s not a sprint it’s a marathon. Stay hydrated, be curious, do sport at least 2-3 time in week. And most importantly, go beyond your competencies. Look for inspiration in things unrelated to animation.

“FUCK YOU, BOB” by Eugene Tones

What’s the story with the cat you use in the majority of your animations?

As a child I had a beautiful and playful red cat. It’s simple – I love cats. I can’t get past the kitties on the street. Cats do strange things. So in my animations a lot of strange things. The first animation with the cat flying on the sandwich – I dreamed it.

What would you call your style?

I’d love to call it Absurdity. “Yo, dude, WTF?” That was one of the first comments on my drop a few months ago.

What is the process for creating a piece?

I start with a list of ideas. 10 ideas in 10 minutes. I choose the 3 most interesting and refine them. Often the funniest ideas come to my mind in my sleep. 360FLIP – for example.

“360FLIP” by Eugene Tones

Do you have any creations that are your personal favorite?

Yes! Laugh every time i see 360FLIP and Welcome to the jungle.

Why did you join HEN?

HEN is attractive because it erases the boundaries collector\artist unlike eth. platforms. A lot of advantages: community, gas fee, eco-friendly. Good start for little artists.

Anyone you want to shoutout?

Yes! Huge respect to @cryptohamster and @YanaUfelman. These people convinced me to mint my first work in new style.

Also kudos to @cryptofawkek @Atmonez and @synccreationn

Thank you so much for your support!

Anything else?

Thanks for having me!

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