GatherArt Has Reached 500 Twitter followers

We joined Twitter on August 2021 and made our first post in September. We had the goal to create an environment where anyone could learn more about the artists that inhabit the Tezos CleanNFT ecosystem. We have done interviews with some of the biggest names on HEN including @threesomes @Arya Mularama @Sutu @MarceloPinel & More. We have also produced articles talking about some of the hottest trends and sales including Neonz, Dos Punks, and randomly common skeles.

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We have only seen amazing feedback and statistics on our journey so far. Over 1,500 different users have visited our website from over 70 different countries. The love for blockchain art is worldwide and there are artists and collectors in every corner of the globe. Our Twitter has amassed over 150,000 impressions and our numbers only continue to climb with the support of the community.

Bedroom Nostalgia 24 by omgidrawedit

We have also been collecting art from many known artists including Nicholas Sassoon, omgidrawedit, Nam Mac, & more. We hope to curate and nurture a magical collection of different artworks and hopefully galleries are in the near future. We find it unfair to only collect from the most known artists so we also love picking up artwork from bright new talent especially if their artworks depicts our plant 🌱

GatherArt Twitter Screenshot Nov 3.

Thank you everyone for all the love and we will continue to work hard in providing more and more information, humor, and creativity in the metaverse. You can support us directly by collecting from our Hic Et Nunc page.

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