Gerwyn Interview

“COOL•LECTOR” by Gerwyn

Who are you?

Hello! My name is Gerwyn, born and raised in Indonesia. I move objects on screen for a living.

When did you start making art?

As long as I can remember! I would draw on anything any time I get a chance. I would draw on my answer sheet when I couldn’t do my math test, I would draw on the floor, table, guitar, shoes, literally anything I could get my hands on.

What do you call your style?

To be fair, I really don’t know what my style would be called. At the base it’s a vector based illustration. But if we dive deeper, it’s basically my way to avoid drawing complicated or realistic shapes. Even though I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, I’m awful at anything complicated or realistic; It scares me. If you look closely, all of my work is basically made out of geometric shapes. Drawing people? It’s one circle for the head, one square for the body, and four rectangles for the arm and leg.

What is the process for creating one of your works?

I don’t sketch, I go directly to Adobe Illustrator, put down some basic shapes and move it around. If I feel the piece is good enough, I’d move it to After Effects and start to animate small bits and pieces. I would always get a new idea when animating, so I would go back to Illustrator and make more assets to add to the animation.

My process basically is going back from Illustrator to After Effects and hoping to God that it would turn out good.

“Solar Window” by Gerwyn

How much of your art is planning vs improvisation?

It’s 100% improvisation. I never know how my animation will turn out. I usually start with an object I have in mind, for example; a bazaar. Then I’d randomly draw an astronaut. Put the two together and boom. A bazaar but in space.

When I was doing an internship at a branding studio, my art director would look at me with disappointment when he saw me go directly to Illustrator without sketching when working on a brief. I know that it is not a good workflow for a designer, but I can’t just seem to plan anything beforehand.

What inspires your artwork?

Everything and anything inspires me, because I just draw what I was thinking at the time; and that is why my art is basically an improv session.

Do you have any creations that are your favorite?

My favorite creation right now would probably be “Taking Back” or “Daily Grind”. Oh that reminds me! “Daily Grind” started as just a drawing of a city. Then I have the idea to put it in a box and add some cars. To be honest I don’t know how, it turns out to be about a guy who is working a 9 to 5 job, driving back and forth from home to his job. If you still have any doubt that I don’t do any planning, this would get rid of it.

“Taking Back” by Gerwyn

Why did you join Hic Et Nunc?

It is for everyone, more importantly for small artists. I’m a new artist, basically nobody. My art wouldn’t even cover the gas fees on other market places.

Environmentally friendly is also a great reason. Did you know you can mint 338,888,888 work and HEN and still produce less CO2 than minting 1 on the ETH blockchain? Yes, I still have a heart and that’s why I refuse to mint anything there (until ETH 2.0). Not that anyone would buy them.

What adds value to your art?

I think it being a looping animation adds a lot of value to it. Don’t you just love it when you look at your collection and it is all just looping perfectly and you can just stare at it for a long time.

What do you have planned for the future?

Probably making some 1/1. I don’t even know what to expect in the future. I am just 2 weeks into NFT, and to be honest I don’t know whether I’m just lucky that my work sold out or if my art is good enough. I see a lot of artists with good art but are having a hard time selling. So let’s see where I’m heading in the future!

“Daily Grind” by Gerwyn

Is there anybody you want to shoutout?

The NFT community. I can’t believe how artists are basically each other’s competitors but still support one another. While I know collectors are basically investing and looking to sell at a higher price, in the two weeks I’ve been here, I have met collectors who genuinely support artists just because they like the art and are happy to see them grow.

Anything else?

To other aspiring artists who just started their journey, keep going and keep improving. Like the new phrase I learn while being around this community, WAGMI.

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