Is Hic Et Nunc Gone? is gone but HicEtNunc lives on.

On November 11th 2021 the Tezos NFT scene went into a frenzy as rumors began to circulate about Hic Et Nunc being discontinued. The rumors emerged following the announcement that their platform had added a new minting feature. This caused users to speculate if will dominate in both minting and marketplaces sales. Then seemingly out of nowhere the HicEtNunc official Twitter changed their bio to “discontinued”. This caused even more panic in the community.

Screenshot from the HicEtNunc Twitter Account

A couple hours after the rumors that were circulating discord and the Twitter bio change the site officially went offline. Rafael Lima is the genius founder of Hic Et Nunc and is notoriously mysterious with communication. They have still not been properly heard from since the site closing and still no true announcement has been made (as of 48 hours later).

Rafael started HEN as an experimental art platform and I don’t think he had any intention of creating the third largest NFT marketplace in the whole world. Many users constantly pounding on him and critiquing his work, asking for new updates and all sorts of stuff. We at GatherArt believe that the minting announcement acted as the last straw to break the camels back.

The Hen_community discord is currently our best recommendation of where to find the latest updates around this whole situation. It features bright minds who are active in the Tezos NFT scene and is comprised of many minds behind the hicathon. There is still plenty of drama and arguments about how decentralized these art platforms should be and who should be in charge of the decision making.

Admin MerchantCoppola wrote out a brief summary of events for anyone completely lost by these rapid events.

It reads:

– on 11th Nov 2021, Rafael Lima, the founder of hicetnunc decided to discontinue the site

– since the whole site and all its components are open source, it is possible to “clone” the site. this was set up that way intentionally and we now see this part of hens architecture unfold before our eyes

– first off: all NFTs minted and swapped through hen previously are safe: they still can be found in the wallets, they still can be traded on multiple platforms (more on that below)

– this discord was started by hen community members that participated in the hicathon/posthicathon. the hicathon had the goal to build and improve hic et nunc by the community for the community.

– the participants discord are working towards a community version of hic et nunc built on the ideas around the hicathon projects (i.e. collab contract, hen radio, UI improvements, community governance and many many more)

– the general consensus here seems to be that we want to form a DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) as an end goal

– there are lots of working hen mirrors/clones that everyone can use. at the moment the 2.5% fees on transactions on any of those hen mirrors still goes to a wallet owned by rafael lima.

– we want to be inclusive and believe everyone should be able to take part in this project, so get involved if you want to

– we have no leaders, we are following decentralized growth

What next?

Still nobody knows exactly what is next in store for CleanNFTs, Tezos, and the dedicated artists and collectors of but all our NFTs are safe and despite the loss of the original platform it is brilliant to see all these artistic minds coming together ready to write a new chapter of digital art history. It has only been about 48 hours since HEN went offline and the progress that has been made with the community is astonishing.


The HEN community has been hard at work making their own fixes and mirrors of the original HEN. Current mirrors include.

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