Objkt.com Adds Minting

What is OBJKT.com?

OBJKT.com started as a platform to provide tools to make it easier to find, buy, and sell OBJKTs on Tezos. The Hic Et Nunc website is notoriously minimal and can be challenging to effectively navigate without the help of other sites. The price of $hdao has dropped dramatically in the last two months and it appears many users have already started to use objkt.com as opposed to hicetnunc.xyz . The governance token for $hdao has sadly not found much utility yet and recently some users have been bashing the HEN founder for various reasons. We at GatherArt still see a future for $hdao and the Hic Et Nunc platform but with completive platforms on the rise HEN needs to come out with some quality updates soon or could end up losing much of their userbase.

OBJKT.com allows minting

In a bold move OBJKT.com has recently added a minting function to their site. To create a collection it costs 1 Tez and from there you can mint NFTs on your own contract that is compatible with OBJKT.com. Items minted on the site are not compatible with the Hic Et Nunc marketplace and it seems some artists are already switching over to minting on the new site. This caused the value of $hdao to further drop today (11/11/21) and cause some panic within the Hic Et Nunc community. Is there enough room for both these platforms or will one manage to dominate the space? Hopefully we see both platforms continue to grow and maybe we will even see a token dedicated for OBJKT.com

“They Are Coming ii” by pointline

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