Pixel Nachos Interview

“mmm_beats” by pixel_nachos

Who are you?

My name is Bruno D. Piccolo, I’m a 27 year old Brazilian artist based in Curitiba. I’ve focused mostly on my works with music for the past 10 years or so and this is always a constant for me. Concerning visual arts, I guess I became more interested in expressing myself in different manners a few years ago, even though I always loved drawing (doodling mostly lol, I’m not a great drawer), taking photos, filmmaking and stuff. I made an instagram specially for my doodles, paintings and collages in 2017 I think and I was pretty active there for a year or two. I also started a collective with two more friends around that time and we got to do some lowkey exhibits of our own and collaborative pieces.

Where did the name pixel nachos come from?

A few years back, just a couple of friends started calling me Brunachos which eventually became just nachos. Didn’t stick with everybody but I decided to use this for my crypto name cause it sounds cool af.

What do you love about pixel art?

I love everything pixels! I actually am discovering right now that any kind of 2d art is possibly pixelart right? Maybe I’m off on this… But I really like the classic school of pixelart just as much as the new and experimental stuff we see emerging in the NFT world. For me its all great, all beautiful. The video game feel and the possibility to approach minimalist and abstract art on it too.

“pool party” by pixel_nachos

What is the process for creating a piece?

To create a piece sometimes I take a reference of something I like and destroy the image quality and then I draw over it the way I want. Sometimes I create a few frames to animate it and that’s pretty much it. But I have to say, at the moment I’m way more hyped about the abstract stuff I’ve been working on this cool software called grafx2 which allows you to color cycle (i love that) and lots of other cool stuff. For those pieces I mainly try to think of a cool grid of visual info and put a few elements inspired by antistyle graffiti writing. That’s been #thesidehustle project which for me is turning out freaking cool.

“bob_hill2” by pixel_nachos

What adds value to your art?

I guess the viewers and the fact that I’m always being collected by CRAZY good artists which inspires me a lot.

Why did you join Hic Et Nunc?

I actually joined hen in April with the @roompunx acc which is inactive at the moment. @xao777 taught me everything I needed to know to started minting and I started testing a few things… drawings, music, comics and stuff. It was pretty cool to learn but I wasn’t focused on anything specific at the time like I am right now.

How have you enjoyed HEN so far?

I loved HEN! RIP, forever in our hearts. Such a cool platform to discover and create. 100% inspiring. Hope the future is bright for all of our community. I’m excited for “season 2”. Let’s see!

“Tokyo Nights” by pixel_nachos

What do you want the viewer to think or feel when they look at your art?

I don’t go as far as trying to guess what people are feeling when they see my stuff. Honestly, I’m tryna be an eyecandy endless supply for everyone who enjoys my stuff. When it’s good there’s nothing better lol. I hope people like staring at my loops for a long time and just be like: “that’s cool af”.

Do you have any creations that are your favorite?

My favorite creations are usually my most recent ones. I’ve been on this crazy flow producing everyday from sunday to sunday. I have a new 4 piece series on the go called RGBombs from my #sidehustle account (two pieces already up and sold out) and another 4 piece series that I’ll start minting next week that I’m SO stoked about.

“RGBombs #2” by the_side_hustle
“RGBombs #3” by the_side_hustle

Any artists we should keep an eye out for?

This is a hard one I’ll try to be short cause there are SO many! My friends @____elbi @voidhands @GrotesqueChiq and @pit_ofdespair are amazing artist and they’re about to blow up for sure! @xao777 is also doing amazing generative art, I think everyone should keep an eye out for him. And to finish I wanna show my appreciation for @huwythechew who has one of the most unique styles I’ve ever seen, dude is insane, and proudly for me, he is my number one collector!

Anything else you want to add?

I want to thank you for this space! It’s crazy and a little difficult to put some of these things into words but I loved trying it. Keep an eye out on my stuff, this is just the beginning. I love the paths my art is taking and the future is bright I’m sure! check #pixelnachos and #thesidehustle I’m tryna give you that eyecandy overdose.

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