Tu.Ukz Interview

“Rainbow Companion” by tu.ukz

Who are you?

My name is Arthur. I am 29 years old. Born in Brazil. Husband and Father. Creator of the Digital Persona: Tù.úk’z since 2012.

When did you start making art?

Discovered myself as an artist in somewhere around 2011. Started off doodling around. free hand drawing, paintings and stuff like that. In 2012 I discovered digital art thru the Facebook group called “Glitch Artists Collective” and also “Free The Pixels”. That’s when it all begins for me.

What do you love about glitch art?

When I first discovered glitch art in 2012 thru Facebook what caught my attention the most was those “unknown” “anon” profiles that kept posting many mysterious images. I was so inspired by that act itself that it made me where I am now. I still try to propagate a little bit of that but it’s very difficult nowadays because of all the implications of being a “known” artist. I discovered later on that those images were “glitch art”. And then I started studying and experiment with different things, and still am. I love glitch art because it is all about experimentation from its core. It’s the purest form of abstractions. It is also an door for many other digital practices eventually.

“Mindmelt Relic” by tu.ukz

What inspires your artwork?

My work is inspired by something that is on my mind but I can’t put up in words or a sentence. Something that is only possible thru my art. It’s like a form of communicating myself. Almost like I’m trying to speak a language nobody knows. Curious tho that people will always try to figure it out. My work is inspired heavily by psychedelics as well as abstractionism. And one of the most important things about my work is the internet. I make a clear connection in between the internet and the dream realm. Personally I think these two things are very similar.

What is the process for creating a piece?

I explore different software’s such as all from Adobe, using a lot of Touchdesigner too. I also experiment with Runway ML. There is just an infinite set of tools really. Basically what I do is start messing around with the buttons, literally click everywhere, put values everywhere. Literally abstract the regular practice and usage of the software into something else. By doing that, I often find patterns that are visually pleasing. Then I keep exploring them. I use literally any kind of source that is out there to create new visuals. I do believe that pixels must remain free. I encourage everyone to free them!

What hardware and software do you use?

Today I am using a regular PC Desktop. Nothing radical lol. Software is mentioned above.

“Yes!” by tu.ukz

What adds value to your art?

That’s an interesting question. I think the fact that I am very true and consistent to my practice actually adds a lot of value to it. I am doing it since 2012 for pure passion. Everyone can tell. I think this is what values the most from the root. Also the incredible amount of positive feedback, global encouragement, tons of exhibitions and exposure worldwide. Also adds value.

What emotions or feelings do you want your art to emit?

I think the art can resonate in very different ways to folks out there. I don’t have a particular emotion that I want to people feel. My practice helps me deal with a lot of my mental health and emotional problems. It helps me a lot. Just creating art. So there is a lot of confusion, anxiety, pain, depression in the process as well. However the main thing that I feel is the feeling of freedom. I feel like I am breaking something and letting it transform into something else. I think that is beautiful. Life is a constant river. The flow is necessary for all transformation. All changes.

“Stay Hydrated” by tu.ukz

What do you have planned coming up?

Since NFTs are changing my life in a daily basis. I am making this my journey. I am planning to do many NFT related things in 2022. Events, art shows, parties, talks, workshops, many things related to art and technology worldwide if I have the chance. Want to live this experience in its fullest. Also want to make good deals to my collectors and investors that keep believing in my work. I am grateful for them.

Anyone you want to shoutout?

Shout out to all the artists out there. Shout out to all my glitch artists friends, and literally everyone out there trying to make a living out of their art. Keep on doing it. Your day will come! Love to yall.

Anything else?

That’s all. Was my pleasure John. Please let me know if there is anything I could help or explain. Let me know if its all good. Thanks for the opportunity.

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