I Am Wessel Interview

“Routine” by Wessel

Who are you?

 A human being trying to figure stuff out…lol. But, more specifically, one who’s found expressing themselves through art; painting, writing, photography, drawing, whatever direction I head to say what I’m trying to say…which is also one of the things I’m trying to figure out. Lots buried deep inside my subconscious trying to be understood atm. I guess that’s why abstract has always attracted me, a way to focus on the deeper tones and ideas without getting distracted by concrete structures. Straight gut to canvas. But, also the fun of trying to bring those abstract vibes and structure them…pulling myself from what feels natural to stretch and grow 🙂 Basically, a creative trying to understand themselves and the world around by making stuff.

When did you start making art?

That’s kinda tough to answer. I mean, I feel we all did something artsy as kids, I loved drawing blueprints of dream homes with arcades, bowling alleys, and whatnot…also giant spaceships and cruisers…so 2d, lol. Photography was something I did too as a kid. Never sure why or what, but I got reams of shots in my parents basement. But, the real start was about 11 years ago when I got involved with a print nightlife magazine in Milwaukee called Alcoholamac (pronounced, like alcohol and the manac of almanac) as the managing editor, writer, and photographer. That’s when I feel into photography deep, food fashion, and product, for like 7 years. Writing became big for me as I had to grow into making content for a print audience of like 28,000 people. Steep but fun learning curve. Painting and drawing started seriously about 4 years ago when I hit a wall super hard with photography and needed to get out, break some stuff.

What do you love about art?

Art is such a shotgun idea…imo…so many things can be considered under that auspice…what do I love about art…that the concept of it allows me to express myself in different ways and be recognized for it. Different sorts of conversations I get to have with people, the new experiences I gain from it…so much…

“Doodles 22/25” by Wessel

Why did you start making NFTs?

Hehe, that’s a funny story. Short version is a good friend of mine, who is also a biz partner, @cryptoxob, pulled me in. I’d touched on cryptocurrency back in 2017, for a hot second, but 2020 hits, and suddenly a good friend is showing me what was up. A way to get out of where I was at in life and accomplish the goals I’d set myself way back. It looked daunting af, and if you look up my genesis which is up on rarible, you’ll get a longer version.

What would you call your style?

I avoid that term like the plague. Style is a box for commercialism. It’s understandable and necessary in some cases. But to self describe as one…am I writer? Photographer? Painter? Illustrator? What? I don’t say this in some grandiose form, I mean, literally don’t wanna be boxed in. I want to be able to express whatever, however I want. The closest I think I’ll come is by calling myself abstract 🙂

What is the process for creating one of your pieces?

As a newer artist, that’s still something I’m working on, and also depends on the piece. For my almost daily stuff it’s mostly just an outpouring of an idea or a vibe. The technical side of colors, lines, concept, is very improv and just based upon previous work. The collabs are more of a buildup. It’s a bit tough because it goes against the natural strain of my improv expressions, so the prep is mostly drawing the style of whomever I’m working with, or trying to, until there’s a moment of unconscious comprehension of I don’t know what, then I just export whatever has compiled trusting my gut. I also research the ideas behind what I’m trying to create, to internalize them…bypass thought and stuff. Lol, so hard to describe now that I think about it. I do daily practices on a bunch of things so mostly it just feels like different momentum’s peaking and crashing together…

“Do you feel lucky?” by Wessel

What’s your biggest strength and weakness?

Biggest strength…I don’t give a fuck about a lot of things. My biggest weakness…there are some things that I just care too damn much about. I express how I wanna, but am also intensely aware of how much other people care about the things I’m expressing. Not everyone, mind you, but certain people.

What do you hope to accomplish in the art scene?

Lol, many things. Probably not most people would think. So I’ll keep them mysterious.

Do you have any mints that stand out as your favorite?

Do I have any favorite children? Lol. There are definitely a number of pieces out that I’ve done that I consider very important in my expression and development…but as to my favorite, I don’t really have one. They all mean different things to me, different conversations at different times…I try not to attach myself to any of them, because like conversations, they come and go.

“Bandit” by Wessel

Anyone you want to shoutout?

Would love to give a shout out to @cryptoxob, @Empresstrash, @reylarsdam, and @mlndr_nft for all their support and encouragement.

Anything else?

If anyone is having a rough time, feels like giving nfts up, whatever, please take a deep breath and try again. Ten down, 11 up, that’s where the success here lies. Something doesn’t work, look around and see what does. Not sure how someone’s doing something, ask. Don’t expect handouts but people will point you in the right direction. It’s all about spiraling upwards. YGMI

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