Bjorn Calleja Interview

7″ by Bjorn Calleja

Who are you?

I am Bjorn Calleja, a Filipino painter and visual artist.

When did you start making NFTs?

I started minting my first NFT art around March 2021, I was introduced to hicetnunc by my good friend, @cosmiclewser

What inspires your artwork?

I take inspiration from a lot of things, the vivid and grimy aesthetic of my hometown, Metro Manila; 80’s and 90’s cartoons and comics; art and art history; the internet; and human behavior.

What would you call your style?

I find it difficult putting a name on the style of art that I make or which movements in art it belongs to, I only see them in a general sense (paintings, drawings, sculptures, animations, etc.). I enjoy the idea of creating microcosms under microcosms and the choreography of scale when experiencing the work.

Dinner Table at Night (after John Singer Sargent)” by Bjorn Calleja

What is the process of creating one of your works?

There are layers in my creative process especially the animations that I mint as NFTs. It all starts with a physical painting, which for me is gestural and a playful release of energy, the image would then be used as a landscape where I would paint my characters on, some of these characters are planned and used as frames for my animations which I photograph one by one and convert into a GIF using an app.

Why do you make art?

From a personal sense, it is an itch that needs to get scratched, it gives my existence a sense of purpose and an outlet for my energy, on a social perspective, I make art to reflect ideas of identity, spirituality, and human behaviors, lastly I think of my art as my contribution to humanity.

The Birth of Adam” by Bjorn Calleja

What adds value to your art?

Value for me is subjective and largely depends on the perspective of who is assuming the value. It could either be the experience, the realizations, the beauty, the monetary, or just as simple as putting a smile on people’s faces.

Do you have any creations that stand out the most to you?

I don’t have anything in particular, I look at every piece as crucial parts of the process of my art practice. Every new piece is a direct translation of specific moments of my life.

What advice would you give to somebody having a bad day?

Hell is a six letter word, “MISERY”. We only have one life, and time we cannot get back, one can live in either joy or misery depending on perspective, why choose to be miserable?

Hell is a Six-Letter Word” by Bjorn Calleja

Anyone you want to shoutout?

So many people have been really kind and supportive to me and my art in this space. Taking this opportunity to thank @cosmiclewser for introducing me to HEN, my early supporters and collectors, @presstube and @chilltulpa for helping with my transition, amazing artists I had the chance to collaborate with @luciusfelimus @cosmiclewser @ge1doot @1x1_NFT @eskalator3 @zootghost @trisant333 @dennisbato, @patricktresset, @DianeDrubay and the rest of the @alterHEN crew, good friends I met @thisisarobot @wilyguys @neuromantic6 @OriginalGoldCat @StrangeCaseCo @kiszkiloszki @oohgaga @sintang_ligalig @geremysmla @makikazuhiko and so many more.

Anything else?

Just want to thank you for considering me for this, I appreciate you.

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