Harmonia Goya’s Land Interview

Harmonia Silk Moth Example

Who are you?

We’re an indie game dev studio, based in Strasbourg France as well as a B2B blockchain solution developing integrated in-game NFT marketplaces for other games. PlayTiX moto is to give back the power to the players, thanks to an easy platform allowing the players to really own their items and benefit from their gaming time. We’re building Harmonia : Goya’s World, our first mobile game, with the same spirit, like a true #P2E. Harmonia also combines a F2P experience with NFT collectibles, so the game will be playable for free, but will be way funnier once you possess a token !

How did you come up with the idea for Harmonia Goya land?

We’ve always been gamers at PlayTiX that’s why we wanted to design a relaxing game that allow us to spend quality time, while being suitable for every age & that’ll allow us to collect resources from quests and tasks. And when designing this game, we couldn’t help but to look at one of our favorite game in this style; Animal Crossing. Just like in Animal Crossing, we wanted to make Goya’s World graphics as soothing as possible so that you’ll feel like wandering in an natural experience. There’s also multiple combinations (of themes, names and gradients) of animals that makes every game experience unique in its way.

Why did you choose to focus on VR for the game?

We’re not completely a VR game, but there will be some part of our game that’ll take into account VR and AR applications, just like fishing in the pond or petting your NFT animals. The goal for us is to provide our gamers with extensive possibilities of gameplay and VR is one of the best experience we can provide to passionate gamers.

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What does the gameplay of your game look like?

You can check out the gameplay (and there is more to come) on our website and litepaper. But to sum it up, you’ll be able to carry tasks, just like retrieving a special kind of fruit or cleaning the enclosure of your animals, during the day in Goya’s World and completing these quests makes you collect resources that’ll allow you to make your collectibles grow. You’ll also be able to plant trees that’ll be planted in the real world too, we want our player to make an impact !

What is the price point barrier for entry if someone wants to play your game?

For the moment we’re selling whitelist badges to our Discord member on Atomic Hub. For the first sale, only the one having the token will be able to enter the sale. We did not disclose our starting price yet, but there will be an NFT for everybody, no matter the budget.

Why should someone be a part of Harmonia Goyas land?

We have an amazing team, we have many more projects to come and we’re dedicated to make our community grow together + there is a lot of amazing investing and gaming opportunities to be made playing Harmonia ! And more importantly, this is going to be an awesome game, filled with wonders and surprises.

What is your team currently working on?

We’ll be launching the beta of the game in February so we’re defining the last mechanics for Beta-Island. Currently the team is working on creating and coding the tasks and quests that’ll be present in Harmonia’s beta as well as our NPC’s (such as Byzance the Lizard). We’re also dedicated to sell our NFT to only human players so we’re currently also developing methods in fighting bots going after our drops because our community is almost 100% organic and we want them to take the most out of it.

When should we be able to see a playable version?

Beta will be available to NFT owners on February, for the rest of the players the game will be available at mid 2022. If you follow the link to our website you’ll be able to see our next steps 🙂

What can we look forward to about your game?

An amazing experience that you can play on your own, with your friends or your kids. It’s also about making people get a benefit from gaming and it’s now possible thanks to our NFT collectibles. We’re gonna keep developing the game thanks to the feedback of our community.

In-Game Fishing

Where could I find more information and new updates about your game?

Exclusive announcements and drops are on Discord but you can find news updates on our Twitter too ! We also have a website retracing every one of our announcements and it is also the place where you’ll be able to find the litepaper. Here’s the link : https://harmoniagoya.io

What features are you most excited about?

Definitely the VR and A/R experiences where you’ll be able to pet your animals in 3D. We also love the fact that the players will actually own their in-game items and can make profits out of their game time. These are definitely 2 of the best features in our game.

Where do you see Harmonia in one years time?

With a lot of players, an ever-growing community that support us like today and the entire game developed in the way we, the gamers, want it.

Is there anyone you want to shoutout?

We want to shout out our partners that are supporting our project : the Tezos and WAX blockchains, the Blockchain Game Alliance as well as the Eden Reforestation Project, our ethical partner.

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