Taccc Interview

MURD∀” by Taccc

Who are you?

They know me in various ways gangtz1, mvpvche, niño bestia, leandro and now taccc.

When did you start making art?

Before my nft project I was making music with my alias mvpvche, it was kinda like experimental trap and I started that about 7 years ago, then started making beats for rappers with my alias Niño Bestia and now here we are.

What would you call your style?

Idk I like the term glitch a lot and what represents, but for now I’m developing my style.

How many of your pieces are planned VS improvised?

Almost 80% of them are improvised, sometimes I wake up and get a fast thought about what I want to do so it’s like that pretty much.

Why did you start making NFTs?

To be honest first of all I was a collector, but then I said to myself “maybe I can do that too” because I always been in love with illustration and art, I like fashion too even doe I’m not that fashionable in real life but idk I felt like I had some feelings to express and this was a really good opportunity to start making art via Nft.

“Void before dƎath” by Taccc

What is your process of creating a piece?

For now I see things that I like and try to give it my twist or catch the vibe you know, sometimes I take a pic of myself and try to draw it and work around that.

What adds value to your art?

Well it’s simple we all have different experiences and we are what we feel and watch so what adds value to my art is that its made by me, a normal person who loves art.

What do you have planned for 2022?

I have planned some collections but just an idea of it, but for now I would like to work on my style and have a solid one that make me feel comfortable with it.

“DRIFTING” by Taccc

Are there any creations you made that are your personal favorite?

I would say “void before death” and “drifting” are like my favorite ones for now.

Anyone you want to shoutout?

Maybe Xcopy haha they a big influence ofc, also the ppl behind Tezos and hen that made all this possible, they did a really good job.

And you guys ofc for giving me this space.

Anything else?

I feel so happy about how everything is going this last month, I never expected to be well received and know all this beautiful people of the hen and objkt community, it’s really been a pleasure.

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