What is FxHash?

FxHash Homepage that showcases a random artwork. In this example tu.ukz is shown.

Generative Art On Tezos

As described on the “what is FxHash” page: “fxhash is an open platform where artists can mint Generative Tokens which are stored on the Tezos blockchain.” Similar to Artblocks on Ethereum, FxHash focuses on randomized generative artworks primarily written in javascript. Unlike Artblocks the site is not curated which means anyone from anywhere can upload their creations to be collected and sold. This can be both good and bad, good because anyone from around the world can share their art for very cheap and bad because this creates an underground scene of generative copyminting.

Who Made FxHash

FxHash was created by Ciphrd who is a generative artist and front-end developer mostly interested in exploring autonomous systems where they believe life-like behaviors emerge. Ciphrd has his own collection on FxHash titled “RGB Elementary Cellular Automation” which is based off Stephen Wolfram’s Elementary Cellular Automation. It is a beautiful example of the possibilities presented with FxHash.

“RGB Elementary Cellular Automaton #581 by ciphrd

FxHash Popularity

FxHash has seen insane popularity since it started just a month ago. Some projects have already reached five figure TEZ sales on the secondary market and many artists are making thousands of dollars with every new mint. Some of the biggest names on the site include Andreas Rau, Marcelo Soria-Rodriguez, Landlines Art, and Zancan just to name a few. The primary and secondary markets have been on fire and despite no “proper” curation process the art that has been minted so far has been outstanding!

“contrapuntos #773” by msoriaro

FxHash Beta

Now we can’t forget that this platform is in Beta. Some more cool features of FxHash include that while the secondary marketplace is open 24/7 the minting portion of the platform is only available 12 hours a day. You can check out their opening schedule page to stay up to date with opening and closing times. This is an experimental platform so risks are to be kept in mind as well! There is a feature on the Beta page of the website outlining this concern.

“The Risks” on FxHash

Despite this possible future risk, this experimental site is gaining lots of attention in the NFT space and it will be amazing to see what gets created and collected as it continues a life on the Tezos blockchain.

“Loom #472 by Andreas Rau”

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