Versum #ITEM4ITEM Event

The Versum #ITEM4ITEM event is a community run celebration happening on Tezos CleanNFT platform. During this time artists are minting artworks at high editions for the price of 0 Tez. This is a tribute to the multiple #OBJKT4OBJKT events that happened on Hic Et Nunc. There are tons of amazing artists and artworks for everyone to collect FOR FREE!

Here are a few of our favorites that have spawned during the first ever #ITEM4ITEM!

“I.4.I. Protocore” by Guandanarian
“Thank You Mario!” by SabatoBox
“$pin” by @_1mposter
“Tagalong” by RobotStylist
“GM Versum Frens” by spirouzi

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