Hot Stuff: Tezzardz

“Tezzardz #1993” by Tezzardz

Tezzards Secondary Going Crazy

The Tezzardz collection by omgidrawedit has seen some explosive secondary action recently with this weeks trading volume reaching over 40,000 Tez. Tezzardz is considered one of the first PFP projects of its kind on the Tezos blockchain, and is a well respected and sought after blue chip piece for many CleanNFT collectors. The hype has returned for these “fkrs” (as they called) over the last week and the floor currently sits at 435 Tez as of this post. Recently Tezzardz even made their way onto the popular NFT platform Rarible which has increased overall awareness of the Tezzards and has made the project even more successful.

Tezzardz are one of the most known PFP projects in all of Tezos. With a total volume reaching 1.7 million Tezos they are hard to ignore. Their unique, silly, and happy design makes them a true forced to be reckoned with and the collection has been dominating the charge in the CleanNFT ecosystem. We can’t wait to see what the Tezzardz have in store for 2022.

“Tezzardz #510” by Tezzardz
“Tezzardz #4138” by Tezzardz
“Tezzardz #512” by Tezzardz

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