SecondBestDad Interview

“Pixel Dads” by SecondBestDad

Who are you?

I’m SecondBestDad, a long-time game developer.

When did you start making art?

That’s a hard question. I’ve always enjoyed creating things, art, computers, applications, etc.

Why did you choose the name Second Best Dad?

Because I’m trying to be realistic.

How did you first hear about Tezos

A friend of mine (Geomi) was telling me about the ecosystem and it sounded fun.

“Doodle Dads #2” by SecondBestDad

What would you call your style?

I have never thought of that. I just do whatever feel right.

What inspires your art?

Games, manga, etc.

“Pixel Dads #16” by SecondBestDad

Your genesis piece on FxHash was “Pixel Dads” what is the story of how this came to be?

I wanted to try out making an NFT and it seemed like an idea I didn’t care all that much about to test with. I also drew my own icon as pixelated dad.

Your next 3 mints seem to be very RPG inspired. Are you a fan of RPGs and what was the thought process behind these works?

Big fan of RPGs. Again, I just kinda came up with the idea on the spot and started drawing mockups. I didn’t put much thought into them other than trying to limit my scope since I was still learning.

“Nice Armor” by SecondBestDad

“Dungeon Monkeys” has seen great success already on OBJKT. Did you expect it to do this well in such a relatively short amount of time?

Absolutely not. I just thought you were supposed to make monkeys at some point if you do NFTs and it sort of worked out.

“Slime” by SecondBestDad

What is the creative process of creating a Dungeon Monkey?

I usually have some idea about a character archetype in my head and mull it over while I do other things, then I whip it together when I feel the idea is mature enough.

Why do you create art?

Creativity is a bit of a curse. I feel very guilty if I spend too much time not making anything, so art is a good outlet to ease that feeling.

What do you have planned for 2022?

I have a lot of plans for Dungeon Monkeys if they don’t fizzle out, but I’m not ready to share yet because I don’t want to fall into the trend of over-promising in the NFT space.

“Buccaneer” by SecondBestDad

What is your favorite dad joke?

Q: What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor? A: “Where’s my tractor?”

Is there anyone you want to shoutout?

So many people. Basically the entirety of the Geomi_soft discord has been integral for me to have any level of success in the NFT space. Having friends who are all figuring it out together is very inspiring and uplifting and I recommend everyone try to find a community that fits them.

Anything else?

Not really! I’m still very early in this as I’ve only been making NFTs a bit over a month, but I’m excited about the future of it and have really enjoyed getting to know people especially in the Tezos ecosystem.

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