FxHash “The Big Burn”

“The Big Burn” announcement from the FxHash Twitter

It’s been close to half a year since FxHash created their twitter account and took the generative art world by storm. Ciphrd had a vision that they brought to life and it has created one of the strongest NFT ecosystems in the world. Despite the epic rise of FxHash the site has been in beta this entire time. There have been lots of lessons learned and interesting events that came from the beta and the chapter that follows will be arriving very soon. As of 3/20/2022 no more artworks can be posted onto the website and all existing beta works will be burned on April 1st (not a joke).

“FXHASH Generative Logo #55” by FxHash

Despite the burn date set in stone the true release date of FxHash is still in the air. As stated by Ciphrd “It will definitely happen in April, we will give more details soon.” Ciphrd also had this to say in an announcement on the FxHash discord:

“There is so much to do and so little margin for error (if none at all), we want to take our time. We will deploy our whole infrastructure to a custom kubernetes cluster, host our own IPFS cluster (migrate all the IPFS content to this cluster), deploy all the new contracts and their features on the indexer/api/front and all the side modules which power fxhash, transfer some data to those contracts… it’s a lot, and we want to do it properly to set the most solid ground for the future of fx.”

“FXHASH Logo with Features #730” by fxhash

It’s very heartwarming to see all the trust and confidence in the sites leadership and staff and everyone is excited to see what the future holds for this platform.

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