Stipinpixel Interview

“Street moment #14” by stipinpixel

Who are you?

I am an interior and furniture designer and also made inflatable architecture in public spaces. I’m curious about art in all its aspects, especially in searching and learning about art related to technology, architecture and design. I’m a music lover so melodies is all around when I’m working. Fun fact: I have a few dance moves to celebrate any exciting event.

When did you start making art?

Since I was a kid we had large scale sheets of paper, now that I think about it I don’t know why, hahaha, in which I drew cities or many little people, I think my artistic journey was always related to observe what happens in the street, the behavior of people in the public spaces. I went to fines arts school In high school I studied at the “beaux art” academy, and at the university of arts I studied design. I don’t really know when I started, I think it just happened, it flowed.

How did you hear about Tezos?

It was really crazy, we got together for the first time to work as a team with Mariana Ju, she representing her responsive architecture lab project and me representing the inflatable architecture project, and instead of talking about it we said “hey let’s investigate what people are talking about” and as curious people we discovered together the crypto world and we said “let’s go to Tezos there is a beautiful community”.

“Tz machine” by stipinpixel

What would you call your style?

I always had a hard time giving a specific category to what I do, I know it’s necessary to be able to communicate it, I guess I would call it a mashup of -street art, sketches, pixel art with a 90’s aesthetics-. Every time I determine a new style I use brainstorming processes, moodboards, color palettes, it’s almost like defining an interior design.

What inspires your artwork?

I’m still not sure if I would call it inspiration, but I think that each of the pieces is part of a research process, which starts with walking around my city observing what surrounds me and then decoding that into sketches. But walking around the city, traveling is what really motivates me.

Do you find your artworks to be creepy or scary?

I can’t read this question without laughing lol. I hope it doesn’t cause that or else I would be focusing on my goals wrong, hahahaha.

“Street moment #15” by stipinpixel

Why do you make art?

Sometimes it’s a form of expression, other times or maybe most of the time it’s as a way to investigate, decode and be able to understand a little more about my environment, human relationships.

What adds value to your art?

The process, I always think it’s the process, the way you observed and studied to then get to result in “a piece” I think that surely the whole process is reflected which is what adds value. Sometimes I think that moving around the city is also part of the artistic value, capturing the spontaneity of the moments.

What programs do you use to create your art?

When I started in cryptoart, I used programs from my profession to make animated 3D modeling. For pixelart pieces I use a mix of photoshop, pixel edit and adobe illustrator, all drawn with a mouse, from sketches or photographs always badly taken.

“Street moment #6” by stipinpixel

How do you decide what colors to use for a piece?

For this I am a bit of a planner, I usually make a color palette for the collection and define what color each piece will have, (it’s like choosing the color of an interior and its furniture). For the Street Moment collection, I look for something with a more nostalgic touch, the scene that is shown stands out, transmits what I could capture in the street, perhaps as a memory. What I do is like a branding color, I have always liked to study color and even help friends to choose them. Actually, I have a color chart on my desk that I use regularly.

What are your future artistic goals?

This question makes me a little nervous, I usually try not to plan my future and let myself go. But I would like to mix my profession with cryptoart, I don’t know how I would do it yet but I’m working on it. As goals I would also like to keep my friends in the community. I think that gathering a community is also part of an artistic goal.

“gnome” by stipinpixel

Is there anyone you’d like to shout out?

Yes! mainly Mariana Ju, frend n hommi! and all the community generated through my art. To all of them WAGMI!

Anything else?

I feel that this is a really crucial moment for art, and the ways to develop creativity for all of us who do it, to be able to show it with these new dynamics, I think it really opens new doors, new artistic and non-artistic debates, and I feel happy to be part of this new movement … the cryptoart.

WAGMI again.

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