What is 8Bidou?

(8Bidou banner by femiki)

8Bidou is starting to see tons of action as the latest minter and marketplace on Tezos. This niche site is bringing more and more artists, artworks, and collectors in everyday at a rapid pace. On 8Bidou artists are forced to create artworks within a canvas of specific measurements. Currently this consists of two options, 8x8px and 24x24px. In the future there are plans for contracts with different dimensions, animation, and even strict color palettes.

It should also be noted that the NFTs created on 8bidou are not saved on IPFS but the actual Tezos blockchain itself which is incredible and unique.

The site has only been live for a short time (roughly one month) and is highly experimental but this has not stopped new and many well known artists from minting and collecting on 8Bidou. Some big names that have been creating for the platform include Guandanarian, Lisa Orth, Pixantle, Mark Knol, mumu_thestan and more. This last week has been especially explosive for the platform.

Here are a few example works from the 8×8 contract. The actual 8×8 images are posted alongside a bigger version.

“00” by Guandanarian
“Within Reach” by Lisa Orth
“StillLife_09_WhiteSquare” by trisant
“earthtone” by ArtistJohn
“Primal Sunrise” by Poppel
“l e n s” by punevyr
“Yorkie” by Fnetta
“gradient studies #4” by Spogelsesmaskinen
“Right-click save as 8×8 guy” by Pretty Bad
“tiny-smolskull #5” by markknol

Here are a few works from the 24×24 monochrome contract as well:

“Perennials” by Lisa Orth
“Kids Faces #1” by Stipinpixel
“demon_01” by Burka Bayram
“Kukulcán from above” by pxlshrd
“Landscape 3” by João Salazar
“Flora 2” by mumu_thestan

Currently there is only minting and a marketplace for for 8x8px art and 24x24px monochrome art. Minting is available for 24x24px artworks in color but the marketplace is not currently available. After the 24×24 colored marketplace is available it appears the teams next goal is with an 16x16px animation minting contract and marketplace. I’m sure there will be plenty of amazing updates to 8Bidou especially with all the newfound love and hype around this project.

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